Constipation / Motility / Stool Volume

on 7/18/20 5:23 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

I've been working with my gastro and testing to get a better sense for my system. I'm always having very watery diarrhea and little to no formed stool.

She felt I may have sent me impaction as my last few colonoscopy preps were unsuccessful. I said how can that be.

I did a gastric Emptying and sitz marker test and apparently my system is sluggish. Would not have every thought. Constipation?

That's crazy.

I've been doing 1 day Miralax getting more fluids and more fruit and veg. The amount of stool coming out I'd crazy high. But it still fills like there's lots more.

I've obviously been ingesting more than my new system can handle so I've been reducing the amount of food I take too.

I have also been experiencing severe fatigue and neurological symptoms that seem to subside to a big degree when I get a big bowel movement.

Any have similar experiences?

White Dove
on 7/18/20 7:07 pm

Yes, although never went through all of the testing that you are doing. What happens is a blockage somewhere. Then the stool tries to get around it and can't but sends out a watery diarrhea instead. So you think you have diarrhea and take something for that that makes you even more constipated.

I ended up in a lot of pain in the emergency room. They took x-rays, told me I was blocked and had me drink a bottle of calcium citrate. Years later, I thought it was happening again and just went and got the calcium citrate and drank it. I was completely wrong.

i had a kidney stone that had become infected and just made myself more miserable with the calcium citrate.

Lesson learned, go to a real doctor and find out when something is wrong. Although I did go to the doctor, told him my symptoms, and he thought it was indigestion and gave something for that. A few hours later I was in the hospital with fever, pain, and severe chills.

I know what you are going through is miserable and hope they get it resolved soon.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/18/20 10:29 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

Taking Miralax to soften the stool / constipation.

Nothing for diarrhea.

Seems system doesn't break food down like it used to. nd if I'm not careful a dehydrate and things stay stuck.

Very frustrating.

White Dove
on 7/19/20 4:41 am

Most of us take Miralax every day for life. I find it too strong for everyday, but always make magnesium and Citrucel fiber and at least 80 ounces of water daily.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/19/20 4:46 am
RNY on 03/23/17

This makes sense.

I take epsom baths which seems to me I've the agenda somewhat.

I think I've way overeaten. My body can't handle that much food and it has some real negative effects to my energy and overall health.

I have felt very I'll and didn't know why.

As I'm slowing down on food and focusing on motility I slowing feel the I'll health lifting.

White Dove
on 7/19/20 5:26 am

I know that if I let myself, I could eat just as much as before surgery.

I think of my digestive system in the same way as if I wrecked a car and then had it repaired and started driving it again. It might get me around, but it will never perform the same as before it was cut up and put back together.

So I make sure to take whatever I need to be as regular as possible. It is the price I paid for losing the excess weight.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/19/20 6:29 am
RNY on 03/23/17

I really appreciate you sharing.

What do you eat normally?

I still can eat any and all presurgery foods although sugar is not as appealing and makes me sleep if I take too much.

I feel like I need to focus on foods that are low residue and digest easily and quickly.

But I don't know what really that means. I have appt booked my a NUT at my gastro.

My assumption is that my system

1) can not break food down well so thatfthat leaves more waste /b residue for my system to remove to get get stuck and make me sick

2) I'm not absorbing the nutrients as I have vitamin and mineral deficiencies that I'm working with my hematologist to correct.


on 7/20/20 6:25 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

One last question.

When to you take the Citrucel?

Doesn't do the same or similar to the Miralax?

Thanks again.


White Dove
on 7/20/20 9:16 pm

It provides the fiber that I no longer get from eating carbohydrates. I take it at bedtime. It is not a laxative like Miralax. It adds bulk and water to the stool.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

White Dove
on 7/19/20 8:41 am

I either follow Weigh****chers or restrict myself to 1400 calories daily. With WW it is points. I eat anything I want, but potatoes, rice, or cereal very rarely. Today I had a ham and jack slider from Subway for lunch. A slice of Jack's Killer Bread with butter and a fresh peach for breakfast.

For dinner I may have some steak or just a small dish of pasta. Frozen meals that are between 200 and 300 calories work well for me and I can usually finish one. I usually have five meals/snacks of about 200 calories.

There is no food that I cannot eat. I like Weigh****chers because I can include anything and just track the points. I can eat sweets, but rarely do. I do dump but not as easily as I might have ten years ago. It will be thirteen years in October since I had RNY.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends