Foods you cannot eat after RNY?

on 7/20/20 8:55 am

I am considering the RNY surgery. I am still researching but I was wondering if there are certain foods you cannot eat after gastric bypass?

on 7/20/20 11:54 am

Depends on the day, honestly. I have really learned to listen to my body and it will tell me when it's had enough or just does not want something.
Most of the time, I eat an egg or two in the morning and after one bite, my taste buds turn and it isn't appetizing any more. same with red meat... it has to be ground meat. no matter how much I try and chew, sometimes things will get stuck. It really is up to the person. write things down and how it felt... I did that in the beginning and it really helped me out.

on 7/20/20 1:20 pm

I think I would have trouble with red meat too. I already find it hard to get down. I think I don't chew good and eat too fast.

on 7/20/20 12:33 pm, edited 7/20/20 5:33 am


I too am making decisions, and in addition to your medical team's guidelines, there is some great information on this website. I did find out that so many people post different experiences, it's astounding how varied they all can be! Good info by Dee is to make a food diary, write down how you feel and what the foods are that you ate so you can narrow some things down maybe. Good luck!


on 7/20/20 1:22 pm

I will look around on ObesityHelp. I have heard that rice can be an issue which would be awful for me because I love rice! Good suggestions by you and Dee. Thank you very much.

on 7/21/20 6:37 am - Pittsburgh , PA
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Yes you love rice hence the need for bariatric surgery. You need to follow you bariatric surgeons guidelines. You have to do your due diligence and stick to the diet as close as possible. Here is where people have the miss conception that over eating is the problem. You need to choose wisely when you put something in your mouth. If it does not have protein you probably do not want to put it in. Not that you can't because about 1 year out you will have very little problems eating anything you want. It is the choices you make that will determine if you succeed or fail at this weight loss game. You have to stay on top of it every day. Very little room for cheating or adding things in that are not on the diet if you want to be successful.

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on 7/20/20 3:32 pm

Typically, (I say "typically", because it depends on your specific program) Carbs (breads, rice, pastas, crackers etc) are a huge no-no after surgery until you reach a certain weight or are at maintenance and even at that point, it should be limited. I will have an occasional avocado roll or a bite here or there of rice but it's never a full serving (or at least I try not to... lol) those things tend to slide right down and have no nutritional value which is why most programs will always tell you to eat your protein first, then your veggie, and then if you are still hungry- THEN you can have a bite of carbs.

I've seen (myself included) that those things tend to create more hunger and I turn into the hulk if I think I am hungry but it goes with KNOWING what I've already ate (using that food log) and ascertaining if i am experiencing HEAD hunger or REAL hunger. chances are that if I am mindlessly hanging out in front of the fridge and have no clue "what to heat", I am not really hungry and need to step away and do something else

on 7/20/20 4:05 pm
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my stomach had a hard time tolerating a lot of things at first, but for the last few years (I'm five years out), I've been able to eat pretty much everything except really fatty meals. For example, my husband and I used to go out for Friday night fish fries fairly often when I was pre-op. Two or three pieces of breaded & fried cod with French fries, cole slaw made with mayo, and a roll with butter. No way could I eat that anymore - I'd be in the bathroom vomiting. I could maybe eat half a piece of fried fish. Anything with that would have to be non-fatty....or my stomach would rebel.

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on 7/20/20 9:12 pm

Actually this is the complete lists of foods you can never eat after RNY






There is no food that you can never eat again.

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on 7/23/20 8:56 pm

It's really difficult to eat bread, potatoes, vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots, pizza and meat sometimes too. you have to chew meat really, really well. If you can loose it on your own, do it. I regret RNY sometimes. You can't guzzle water no more either.

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