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on 7/21/20 4:34 pm - Waldorf, MD
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Hi all I had surgery 6 years ago and had the sleeve done and then I had complications and nausea vomiting all that kind of stuff and was just switched over to the bypass on Friday July 17th so I'm 5 days post op and I feel like I've been kicked in my stomach any advice from you guys would be great since this is an all-new for me I'm so used to having the sleeve

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RNY on 08/11/14

Welcome! I hope you are feeling better day by day. Focus on getting in your fluid and when you can walk and of course rest. If you see the daily menu thread topic (I think today's is the second topic above this post) there are a few that participate that are sleeve to RNY as well.

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All of this what you are feeling is completely normal. But hopefully, will feel better little by little. Eat when you are scheduled to eat, and keep up with your liquids/protein. You are (and will be) healing for a little bit so everything will feel weird "going down".