Glen Campbell
on 7/21/20 7:37 pm - Richmond Hill, Canada

6 years and 3 months after surgery. I was doing good, but i injured myself at work and have been on light duties for the past 5 months. Have been depressed about it and now have put on an extra 25 lbs in that time. Now really unhappy with myself and very depressed. Kind of lost hope, but im reaching out to anyone who has gone through this. Is there any turning back to get this weight off?

White Dove
on 7/22/20 4:34 am

I find Weigh****chers is the best way for me to get off extra weight. It will never be like after surgery when the weight falls off effortlessly. In January of 2019 I was 165 and my goal weight is 136.

I joined WW and got down to 145 by June 1. Then I thought I could do it on my own and quit WW. In a few months I was back to 150. By January of 2020, I was 155. I am back on WW and now 148, but know better than to quit again.

I am slowly but surely getting back to that 136. I am currently at the pool everyday that the weather permits. But that will end on Labor Day when they close the swimming pools. So I am looking for an exercise machine that I can use at home.

Most important thing to do is weigh daily. Always know exactly how much you weigh. Figure out the eating plan that works for you and the exercise plan you need. I am planning to buy a recumbent bike and iFit program. I don't want to quit because of joint pain, so looking for very low impact training.

My experience is that after weight loss surgery my body holds on to weight and I have to work harder and wait longer for it to come off. But it does.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 7/22/20 10:20 am

Are you able to see your dietitian or surgeon to get a game plan going? Going back to basics may be the best thing and since you are several years out, it may be a bit different from your old program. Prepping, Weighing, Tracking and logging will help as well.

Best of luck and I hope you are on the mend!

on 7/24/20 3:26 am
VSG on 06/28/17

I think the emotional toll that regain socks outta us can be harder the actions we need to take to lose it. The other posters have great advice and is similar to what my bariatric program advised me. Go back basics by making sure you are taking your vitamins, drinking your water, getting your protein in and eating the way you were told post op once you were all healed. Don't go beyond the portions your bariatric program has told you for your surgery - reach out to them if you can. I was told there are so many bariatric post ops struggling right now. You are not alone but I am encouraged that so many have lost regain. Don't let it get you stuck where you are. Turn this ship around NOW.

on 7/24/20 7:39 am

I am sorry you have had an injury and are experiencing regain along with depression. I had surgery 10yrs ago and I didn't use this site as I should have and started having regain so I came back to help keep myself accountable and to get support. I don't post as much as I should but I read the articles and forums daily. I have seen a lot of people who have discussed their experience with regain and losing it so there is hope. I have gone back to tracking all of my foods, meal prep and sticking to set macros daily. Before the pandemic, I was doing very well. I rebounded with our state being shut down but am getting that small rebound off and losing. I regained a lot more than you have so yes there is a way to turn this around but you have to work. It is not as easy as when we first had surgery. 25 is a lot better than 50 or 75 so keep that in mind.

As for exercise it is important to us no matter where we are in our post op life but even more important when we have regain. If you are on light duty you might try some chair exercises to help with getting your heart rate up a bit. Any movement will help and you can go to youtube and look for some sedentary exercise if your issues are back related. You will know what is best for you but I would incorporate light exercise and meal planning/prepping as well as macro tracking to help you get this off. :)

good luck