Gastroparesis years after RNY

on 7/27/20 9:11 pm - Clover, SC

I had RNY about 11 years ago and lost 160 pounds with no complications. After a couple of years, I went through 5 pregnancies. Two full-term and three missed miscarriages that resulted in D&C's. Eventually, even with watching my diet and portions, I gained pretty much all of my weight back, mostly due to depression and an alcohol addiction that lasted a couple of years.

For the last two years, I've had chronic nausea and vomiting almost every time I eat, no matter how much or what it is. After losing 50 pounds in 3-4 months, I finally told my doctor shortly after recovering from pneumonia. I was given an abdominal CT scan that showed some liver damage and portal hypertension. I was also referred to a gastroenterologist.

The gastroenterologist tried many tests including a colonoscopy and endoscopy, and a gallbladder function test. A cardiologist even suspected pulmonary hypertension and I had an echocardiogram and nuclear stress test (both were normal). As a last resort, the GI doctor did a gastric emptying test but he was sure that wouldn't be the problem since I'd had gastric bypass. I got my results today, and low and behold it was abnormal and showed a significant delay. So, I don't see the doctor again for a couple of weeks but I know the diagnosis is gastroparesis.

Has anyone ever developed this after RNY and how was yours treated? I'm already on an acid reducer and phenergan three times a day but neither helps at all and so far, they wouldn't give me anything stronger. I know one treatment is a gastric pacemaker but I'm not sure how well that works after RNY. I've also read that Raglan can sometimes help but I tend to not respond well to many medications.

Just curious as to what types of treatment other RNY patients have had and whether it resolved the symptoms or not.

on 8/2/20 10:24 am
VSG on 06/28/17

That is pretty much were I am at too as far as what GI has done with suspected gastroparesis. The phenergan does help me a little bit and small, frequent meals during flares...although to be frank, during a flare I tend to just not eat rather than risk that reflux and heavy nausea that I can't escape from. A lot of foods suggested during flares aren't RNY or bypass plan foods, which doesn't help with maintaining a healthy weight. I have seen such mixed reviews on gastric pacemakers and I refused to try Reglan but some people say it has helped them.

on 8/2/20 10:37 am - Clover, SC

I only wish I had flares, but mine has literally been every day for the last couple of years. It started out as just after eating, but now it's sometimes even a few hours after a meal. I sometimes even wake up from strong bouts of nausea. I had lost 50 pounds in about 4 months awhile back because I had no appetite and was only eating about once a day. But right now I also have chronic insomnia so I tend to eat several times during the day and night even though I get sick. I think I finally decided to start back eating since I was getting sick whether I ate or not. Hopefully you'll find something that works for you as well. I have my GI appointment on the 12th and will try to update then.