12 days out

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VSG on 04/29/13

So I'm officially 12 days out from my revision to the bypass and I saw the doctor today to follow up but he said everything look good I was able to move from the liquids to the pureed soft stage I'm sore my stomach feels like I've been punched in the gut numerous times and so exhausted I went and made the ricotta bake from egg face and tried that for dinner tonight since it's pureed and it seemed to be okay I was able to take 3 bites but I'm wondering what you guys did at the pureed stage at this point any help would be great cuz I went from the sleeve to the bypass and I know this is different now I have a pouch to think about.

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RNY on 12/19/17

I just followed the surgeons approved diet. I also remember eating Deviled eggs. Egg face has the best recipes for the purée stage if you want to mix it up. You may want to look at the recipes here also I know there is a nice frozen protein fudgecicle I really like on here too.

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I am 21 days out from my conversion, sleeve to bypass. Once I was on smooth, I ate the baked ricotta and refried beans mostly. Greek yogurt in the morning and in between, pears and peaches packed in water and banana. Just this week I added ground turkey to the refried beans because I have so much trouble drinking the protein shakes. So, those are the only foods I am eating at this time. I am having it easier now than I did when I got the sleeve. Can I ask why you went from the sleeve to the bypass. I had severe GERD which was affecting my throat and esophagus. I was eating mostly carbs to curb the GERD and ended p gaining 35 pounds.


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VSG on 04/29/13

Gerd badly and severe vomiting gained weight as well

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VSG on 08/28/17

That's the same reason why I am going from sleeve to bypass on 8/24.

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