Blueberry Chicken Sausage Patties Recipe Review

Melody P.
on 9/8/20 3:15 pm - TX

I saw these on the front page and thought I'd give em a try.

I couldn't find freeze dried blueberries so I subbed dried wild blueberries(1/4 cup instead of 1/3...then chopped em a bit) Everything else was exactly as the recipe called for.

I didn't have a whoopie pie pan so I just made small patties and cooked them on the stove top.

these were pretty good. In WW it came to a point per patty(I made 12). The little hits of sweetness from the blueberries were nice.

I would make them again for sure.

39 F and 6 foot 1 inches

VSG - 3-14-18 - - - Revision to RNY - 5-29-19

I can?t control everything but I can control what I put in my body.

on 9/9/20 9:02 am
RNY on 04/15/19

I really want to try the Thai Shrimp Spring Rolls!

on 9/9/20 10:09 am

They looked pretty tasty! I am stuck at home for a bit so I cant go out and get new stuff from the store, but I think I want to try a few more recipes! I have tried a few of the recipes and they are so good!

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