What's on your Monday Menu?

White Dove
on 9/14/20 8:21 am

I think it is that you mom never bought it. The other thing I loved growing up was called olive loaf, which was a lunchmeat like bologna with slices of pimento stuffed olives in it. I would not eat it now, but thought it was wonderful then. And I absolutely loved goose liver which I would not want to even look at now.

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on 9/14/20 9:46 am
RNY on 06/03/15

OMG - I ate both of those things and loved them, too! My mother never bought goose liver (is that the same as what we call foie gras now?? The name sounds more appetizing - but it's not!). But my grandparents ALWAYS had goose liver, and I always wanted goose liver sandwiches whenever we visited them. I can't even imagine that anymore...wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole!

White Dove
on 9/14/20 2:21 pm

It is foie gras. Probably delicious if I did not know what it was, I might eat it. It has been banned in most countries because force feeding geese to give them fatty livers is considered cruel.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/14/20 2:25 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

that's the main reason I would NOT eat it now - it's horribly cruel. Plus it just sounds gross. Evidently I had no idea what it really was when I was a kid, or I probably wouldn't have eaten it.

on 9/14/20 6:55 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

Aldi Has Pimento cheese in the refrigerator section in tubs. They actually have a mild and hot. I use it in my stuffed burgers and smear it on my quesadilla's. I really love that stuff.

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on 9/14/20 9:48 am
RNY on 06/03/15

good to know!!!!

on 9/14/20 3:10 pm

I'll have to check this pimento Cheese out! we now have an Aldi where I live, so I will def take a look!

White Dove
on 9/14/20 6:41 am

I get soft serve at McDonalds, although there are five Dairy Queens within ten miles of me. Soft serve is alive and well in Ohio and there are always long lines there in the evenings. To me, it has always tasted fresher than regular frozen ice cream. We have a lot of really good homemade ice cream shops here too. There is a new one very close to me and I have not tried it yet.

Actually getting soft serve or any ice cream is something I might do one or two times a year. I stopped and bought a quart about three weeks ago and most of it is still in the freezer. With diabetes, I can only eat a small amount or will feel miserable. Three bites is my tolerance level too.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Erin T.
on 9/14/20 6:55 am
VSG on 01/17/17

McDonald's doesn't taste like what soft serve at home does to me. I looked and our nearest DQ is 45 minutes away - but yes, that's the right soft serve too.

I actually kind of tapped out on "typical" ice cream. When I was in the 1 year - 2 year period post surgery I used to crave ice cream a ton and I'd do fat free/SF frozen yogurt and also Halo Top all the time. It now grosses me out for that reason.

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Melody P.
on 9/14/20 7:42 am - TX

My grandpa once ate 6 soft serve ice cream cones at Golden Corral at one sitting. That's after eating a ton of regular food.

we even made our own with a machine that was out many years ago. Very popular in this part of the country!

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