What's on your Monday Menu?

on 9/14/20 3:26 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning and happy Monday! This is my first 5 day work week in 4 weeks and it's going to be a long one! I have a new project manager starting today, I'm so excited to have her on the team but getting people started is lots of work! I also need to run out to my step sisters for the afternoon to be there while my niece recovers from wisdom teeth extraction. My sister had to go to Texas for work so it's just having another adult there in case my niece needs anything while recovering. Tonight I have voter education training so I can help people know all the rules for November.

my weekend was great! Enjoyed the time with my bff, although our scary movie choices were lame. We ended up giving up on Sinister but we did watch all of Midsommar and it was awful. Not scary and rather stupid.

Qotd - hot, always. I don't see the point in cold coffee, lol.

menu today is

(hot) coffee w 1/2&1/2 x 3

ever roast chicken plus slice cheese

cottage cheese with tbs of PB

falafel with tatziki

Light and fit greek

have a great day

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on 9/14/20 4:03 am - MA
RNY on 07/20/15

Ooooh, I thought I had a 4 day week--I thought I had to take my mom to a small surgery tomorrow, but I literally just realized that it's NEXT WEEK and I have to work all 5 days this week. Noooo!

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White Dove
on 9/14/20 6:32 am

My friend is taking her daughter for a small surgery next week. If our county is at Code Yellow for COVID, then one person can stay at the surgical center for the procedure. If we are at Code Red, then only the person have surgery can be inside.

Good luck with you mom next week. Hope it goes fine.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Erin T.
on 9/14/20 4:21 am
VSG on 01/17/17

This is also my first week in over a month working all days! I had surgery and was off two weeks and then Labor Day!

VSG: 1/17/17

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White Dove
on 9/14/20 6:33 am

When that happens it feels a bit overwhelming, doesn't it. Take it one day at a time.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

White Dove
on 9/14/20 6:57 am

I had planned to work the polls, but not doing that because of COVID. I am so glad to see young people doing it. I always enjoyed election day and catching up with neighbors that I only saw that day. I plan to drop off my ballot at the Board of Elections.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/14/20 7:25 am
RNY on 08/11/14

I hope your niece has no issues.

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on 9/14/20 4:20 am
RNY on 01/23/19

Good morning all! I always hate when I am in the middle of a dream and then my alarm goes off and wakes me up. I have no idea if it was a good or bad dream. All I know is that I was driving somewhere in this fancy car and then I wake up. I at least wanted to see where I was going. Ugh. My accountability was pretty good yesterday. I must not be chewing my food properly or something because 3 different times now it has felt like my food has gotten stuck or wasn't sitting well or something. And it is food I've eaten before with no problem. It's happened 3 times within the same week and last night was one of those times. Before now it has been a good year since it had happened.

QOTD: I love iced coffee but normally only get it when I'm out. At home though it's always hot coffee. In the colder months it's strictly hot coffee for me. Nothing better then a nice hot cup of coffee!

B: coffee w/Splenda x 2

B2: oatmeal and a banana

L: 2 oz low sodium turkey breast and a hard boiled egg

D: 4 oz ribeye steak and a small salad

S: L&F yogurt

Surgery: RNY on 1/23/19

White Dove
on 9/14/20 7:19 am

Even after all these years, I sometimes eat too much too fast. It even happens with water. I just have to remember to pace my eating and drinking. Dreams are interesting. I normally don't remember them, but once in a while have one where I feel like I was in a totally different place before I woke up.

My strangest dream was talking with my father. He died in 1985. He was from Ireland, with red hair, freckles, and skin that sunburned easily. In my dream he was wearing the same clothes I always remember, dark pants, a plaid flannel shirt, and an old brown jacket that he loved. But this time he had a great tan. I asked him about the tan and he said that he had lived in a really beautiful place now. It is right on the ocean and he walks on the beach every day.

He said that he was lonely and had been waiting a long time for my mother to come and live there with him. This was in 2017 and my mom had been a widow for 32 years. She was 61 when he died. She went on one date and decided that another man was not for her. Dad said that we did not need her with us anymore and he hoped I understood that he wanted her to come and live with him now.

The next day, my mom got very ill. She had been doing great at Christmas and this was early February. She really fought hard, but died in July. I never told her about the dream, but did tell my brothers and sisters. After her death, my sisters went to psychics who said that my mother was in the room, but never my father.

I know that fortune tellers and psychics are often just good at scamming people, but I also know that energy never is destroyed and believe that there is something to an afterlife. When I have vivid dreams now, I wonder if I am looking at another world that we don't see.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/14/20 9:11 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Thank you for sharing. I have had similar dreams and life cir****tances that followed. It helps to know I am not alone. I believe in the afterlife as I have had near death experiences and have spent time there I believe. I am sure your mom and dad are walking on the beaches together now.

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