Revision to bypass???

Kristie B.
on 9/15/20 5:53 pm, edited 9/15/20 5:58 pm - Surprise, AZ

I just got off the phone with my surgeon. My haital hernia is back...I?ve been telling him that for 2 months now. I had it repaired in July last year. The reflux so is bad. Meds aren?t working. I?m sleeping sitting up again. The reflux destroyed my teeth. He recommended changing from the sleeve to the bypass. He said he can do both at the same time. Has anyone else had this done for this reason? Pros/cons?


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Kristie B.
on 9/15/20 5:56 pm - Surprise, AZ
White Dove
on 9/16/20 4:42 am

Revision to bypass is the common way to deal with the reflux. In some cases, patients who are not obese are given bypass operations to get rid of reflux. It is the only thing to do when medicines are not working.

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Melody P.
on 9/17/20 7:22 am - TX

I had a revision due to GERD, no hernia. It helped a lot with GERD. I also developed an allergy to dairy that caused some stomach issues and I thought the GERD had returned. I don't blame the surgeries at all for the dairy stuff. Now I can eat pretty much any spice. Before the revision I had to sleep propped up...I was so sick!

I'm so glad I had the revision!

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on 9/18/20 3:53 pm

I have not had a revision, though I did not get approved....sniffle.

I had the RNY 20 years ago. Prior to surgery I had TERRIBLE heartburn. From the day of surgery, I have NOT experienced any heartburn/reflux AT ALL. What a great side effect that has been.

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