on 9/25/20 4:34 pm
RNY on 10/21/20

My drs office called me today and left a message that they want to move my date up to 10/7 and if I want to take it I have to start my preop diet TONIGHT. They gave me a list of all the things I can have but if anyone has any tips on things to make this better or easier please share. I am really stoked about getting surgery sooner but I am also now freaking out.

White Dove
on 9/25/20 5:19 pm

There is not a lot that you need to do. It is usually a one or two night stay and over with before you quite realize what has happened. Stick to the diet plan, pack what you are taking to the hospital with you, probably your phone and charger and maybe a book. Bring some chapstick as your lips will be dry after surgery and the hospital may not have it for you. It is also a good idea to put a pillow in the car to hold against your stomach on the drive home.

You will need a mask for when you get up and walk but the hospital will provide those. The less you bring with you the better.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/25/20 6:49 pm

following, I have mine 2 days before you and freaking out.

I was wondering if we should prepare the chewable vitamins and the protein powder from now

or will they give a list while in hospital?

White Dove
on 9/25/20 7:18 pm

I had enough protein powder and vitamins to cover the first few weeks. Often your taste will change after surgery. Call your center and ask them what you should get in advance and what they will send you home with.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/28/20 11:04 am
RNY on 10/21/20

My Dr. gave me a list of the recommended vitamins and I have those. He also suggests Premier as the protein to use before and after surgery, and I have plenty. I had one of the other patients suggest taking some ready to drink premier with me in case I get something in the hospital I don't like or can't tolerate. I have heard tastes change after surgery so I really hope the protein is not one of those. I have my favorites now. If they have not told you anything yet I would call and ask. It is best to be as prepared as possible they say.

Good luck with your surgery wishing you a speedy recovery!

on 9/28/20 2:11 pm

oh that is great... I will call for sure and ask .

I cant believe its only 6 days to go.

thank you for the advice and I wish you the best.

on 10/5/20 11:10 am

My RNY was 8/10/2020. I loved my protein drinks (Premier & Unjury, Protein2O water) prior to surgery. However my tastes have most definitely been altered post-surgery, quite drastically. Now, I can't stand to drink protein drinks, and had a lot of trouble meeting my protein intake requirements the first 3-4 weeks post surgery. I had heard prior to surgery that people have noted a change in palate after their surgery but I didn't spend much time thinking about it. I would definitely recommend having a plan B in place in case you don't like a lot of the protein supplements you've been using pre-surgery.

Also, something I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about was crushing my pills/meds right after surgery. The reality of it was a lot more awful than what I'd imagined. I don't know if the crushed pills tasted horrid because they are just bitter and nasty or if it was due to my altered palate, but I have a serious aversion to any food/drink that I used to get my crushed pills down...yogurt, SF puddings, ricotta cheese, protein drinks, crystal light...I start to gag even thinking about it.

I am in a good place now and thankfully, one of the things I can't stand the taste of any longer is sweets...and I'm ok with that. I can eat most things (in small portions, though have not had any pastas, breads, or desserts). Immediately after surgery was pretty rough but after some time passed I am in a really good place, steadily losing weight and feeling so much more energetic. I am exercising regularly and feeling proud of myself for sticking with it. I encourage you to stick with it, too, and follow your surgeon's guidelines. You'll be glad you did!

on 10/19/20 8:44 am
VSG on 12/11/17

Have you tried mixing your protein powder in recipes? I'm almost 3 years post op and I love using Unjury Protein powder in recipes of all kinds from coffee to smoothies to even cheesecake and mashed potatoes. You'd be amazed at how many things you can enhance with protein :)

on 10/19/20 1:28 pm

Thank you so much for your reply! I have not tried putting the protein powder in a lot of things, but have used the chicken flavored one in soups. It has a funky aftertaste that I just don't like now. I can taste it even when it's in other things. I do have some unflavored Unjury that I could try, however...maybe it wouldn't have that same aftertaste I get from the flavored powders...worth a try, it was expensive. :)

on 10/21/20 6:01 am
VSG on 12/11/17
  1. I have a Pinterest that may help give you a few ideas for mixing its and I'm working on new recipes all the time. If you have any specific foods you liked before surgery that you'd like to suggest for me to try to come up with a hack I'm always creating. I was in culinary school many years ago before I had my 1st daughter who is now 22 and I love to cook and create. So feel free to challenge my creativity ?
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