Hot Flashes

White Dove
on 10/6/20 10:25 am

When a woman is hot at night, but not in a good way. What worked for me was a natural progesterone cream. You apply it your wrist every night for three weeks, then take a week off. The week off is during your period if you still have them, or just a random week off if you are no longer having periods.

My gynecologist was not happy when I told him that I no longer wanted to take Premarin. He did ask me to taper off of it and I did. With the progesterone cream I never had another hot flash. A year later, that OB-GYN told me that he was having to tell women that he could no longer prescribe Premarin. He said they were not happy about that. He said that he thought I was pretty smart to get off it on my own and to find the progesterone cream on my own.

The side effect of the progesterone is that it reduces water retention and causes weight loss.

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