What's on your Thursday Menu?

on 10/22/20 10:15 am
VSG on 05/12/14

Happy Thursday everyone. To all *****ad yesterday, my friend's chemo went well and she's feeling ok. They did tell her that it would be cumulative, but at least round one of six is in the books. Thanks for your well wishes. I had an early morning virtual court appearance this morning that went well. I was concerned. It was on a case I took over for a very young attorney who got herself in some trouble. The other side was seeking sanctions, and I got that discharged, so it was good. The court set a "trial date" for July 2021, with the understanding it was likely to be a placeholder. So a good morning all in all. I'm currently sitting drinking a latte and Logan is chewing on the leg of my "work" chair. Hope he doesn't break it!

QOTD: There are two independent coffee shops near me that I love. One is called M Street Coffee because it's on Moorpark, hence the "M." The coffee is delicious and it's female owned and operated. The other is called Marie et Cie. It's a coffee shop, cafe attached to a gift shop that sells really eclectic merchandise. The gift shop has been closed for most of COVID, but the cafe is open. One of my favorites

My plan:

B: latte with fairlife

L: Chicken with cauliflower rice

D: not sure but maybe bunless burger

S: something before parking lot spin

E: my favorite . . . throwback thursday parking lot spin

on 10/22/20 12:22 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

So glad her chemi went well. Cheering her on from here.

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White Dove
on 10/22/20 8:48 pm

Chemo is really hard. I am glad she has you for a friend so she is not alone doing it.

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