Ferritin help

on 11/13/20 12:32 pm - Harrisville, NY


I just got my labs back and my ferritin shows 19. They say normal range is 15-150. I am weak and had infusions back in 2015 when my level was a 4. This is a new NP as I just moved here. Has anyone had infusions and felt weak at a 19 level.


on 11/13/20 3:13 pm - WI

People can become symptomatic when their ferritin falls below 50. When my number falls below 50 my hematologist schedules an infusion. She says it is better to do an infusion while I still feel relatively good, rather than letting it fall so far that I can hardly function.

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on 11/13/20 5:00 pm - Harrisville, NY

Thank you. I just moved here from another state so I need to make my nurse practitioner understand. I am nauseous and weak. Hoping I can convince her to send me to a hematologist.

White Dove
on 11/13/20 6:02 pm

I am at 27 and actually feel fine but getting an infusion on Monday. My body no longer absorbs iron from tablets. I have been on Proferrin since May and going steadily downward. You need a hematologist. I hope the new doctors gets you to one soon.

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on 11/13/20 6:39 pm - Harrisville, NY

Thank you. I sure hope I can convince her. They tell me my level is in normal range. Well it is for someone who hasn't had RNY.

Erin T.
on 11/14/20 3:03 am
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My Ferritin dropped to 16 at one point. My PCP had me take Blood Builder iron tablets twice per day. Mine's now around 35-40 and I'm asymptomatic, though I'd still like it to be higher. When it was low I would fall asleep immediately post dinner (which given my daily life is the first time I have a moment to nap). Note: I realize not everyone can raise their Ferritin with oral iron, but it's something to try in the interim while you're trying to get an infusion.

I see you're in Harrisville, NY. I live in NC now, but I'm from Colton, NY and had my bariatric surgery up there. There's a top notch bariatric clinic in Saranac Lake, NY. It's a small area but Dr. Hill is a well known surgeon because he's one of the very few who knows and does DS procedures regularly and people come to him from all over for them. It will be a bit of a drive for you but worth it.

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