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on 11/18/20 4:27 am

I had RNY in 2008 and went from 375 to 197 lbs. I held the weight off for years until about two years ago after a back injury I just started to have no restriction. I still have dumping syndrome with sugar and fat. I still have absorption issues as I get anemic and require infusions of Iron. I am ashamed that I am regaining weight. Currently at 260 lbs. I didn't think there was anything that I could do about it. I just asked my MD for a UGI to look at my pouch. Has anyone experienced this lack of restriction just out of the blue?? Will I have issues getting my insurance to pay for revision if there's something that can be done to get me back to the lighter person I was. I herniated two disks in my back and the weight is killing my back!! So sad about this whole thing! I feel like a total loser.

on 11/18/20 5:20 am
RNY on 01/01/14

Awww . You are SO not a loser ... but posting here and being accountable movement wise as well as food wise has helped a lot of us battle regain and even depression and vitamin issues .

I have seen many friends get WLS and regain ... its really not uncommon at all and luckily you're doing something about it way before you reached your original weight.

Some people feel they get some restriction back after doing the " pouch test " which is basically starting all over with a liquid diet to puree and so forth over like two weeks .

You can also get a endoscopy to see if your stomas stretched out and there are procedures to correct that though they're not usually that effective .

Most regain is caused by excess food addiction issues or emotional eating ... and I at least find that therapy has helped me tremendously to lessen the painful cir****tances that led me to overeat and self medicate with alcohol post op.

Huge hug - you're very brave to tackle this issue !

on 11/18/20 5:56 am
RNY on 07/20/15

I can't even begin to guess what your insurance will cover--they are all so different. But I can definitely give some tips on restriction.

After a few years most of us don't have restriction with many many foods, but when we eat lean protein (like we are supposed to).. that pouch closes itself right up! Go ahead and try eating more than 3 oz of plain chicken breast and report back if you still don't have restriction... I bet you'll find it again!

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It definitely depends on your insurance and what your company allows but you are not a loser and you are most certainly not alone! I myself went from 293 to 145 and after years and 2 babies I'm back up to 235 and was approved for revision which is scheduled for Monday! Don't get down on yourself. Life happens and we just get back up and keep trying again and again :)

White Dove
on 11/18/20 10:06 am

I had RNY in 2007 and lost my restriction years ago. Except, as JuniperBerry pointed out, with dense protein. I can eat much more steak than chicken breast. Do get this checked out and see what your options are.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 11/18/20 10:44 am

As other long term post op mentioned, restriction can be tricky. Not only I can eat a lot of foods that I know I shouldn't, but I get hungry after the wrong for me foods much faster, and the hunger combined with low blood sugar can get really strong.

Carbs, ever the complex carbs, can be really bad for me. Grains, starchy veggies, and fruits - even those I need to limit.

The best for me is to follow a keto- paleo type diet. Not only I get my restriction, but it also can limit my cravings and appetite.

As someone with chronic pain issues, I know that every pound I add to my body can cause much more pressure on my spine and joins. I gained "pandemic" 20 lbs by eating the whatever whenever... I'm now back of track losing them.

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