What's on your Saturday menu?

Melody P.
on 11/21/20 4:23 am - TX

Good morning all!

I had a horrible pain day yesterday. I used my compression massagers on my legs twice and the last time finally helped me relax enough to get some sleep. It was the worst day for that. Feeling a bit better so far and I hope and pray it stays that way.

I did get some special jump rings I ordered yesterday and quick my made myself a kick ass bracelet...it is just perfect! All titanium and anodized by one of my friends!

qotd: what is one thing you'd tell your 16 year old self If you could?

Mine would be to let the anger go...I was an angry angry kid. I hated a lot of things. I've worked through a lot but it would of been good to see a counselor (something I was against then).

b: oatmeal with 1tsp date nectar and coffee

l: left over taco meat made into street tacos

d: gf chicken nuggets and butternut squash

s: popcorn, gf bread, plant based butter and maybe another coffee....oh or gf crackers.

40 F and 6 foot 1 inches

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on 11/21/20 4:45 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Oops, you hit send before I did. If I can, I'll add my post to yours!

HW: 248+, SW (RNY: 2/28/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125; LW: 115; 45# regain (19-20); CW: 135.6; new goal: 135; Plastics: Ext mastopexy, Ext abdominoplasty-5/18/2018; diagnosed w/ gastroparesis 11/20.

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 11/21/20 6:18 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

LOVE that bracelet!

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 SW: 185 GW: 125 LW: 113 Desired maintenance range: 120-123 CW: 120 (after losing 20 lb. regain)!

on 11/21/20 7:05 am, edited 11/21/20 1:30 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

it'll be a cold but sunny day today. Hopefully we can go out for a drive or something since I need to get out of the house for awhile.

I just walked out in the kitchen and noticed one of the cats happily eating Cool Whip out of the (open) container, and DH sitting at the table working on his laptop and eating a piece of yogurt pie (with Cool Whip on it) paying absolutely zero attention to what was going on on the counter. ARRRGGGHH!! This is so damn frustrating sometimes. He's always so focused on what he is doing that he never notices things happening around him. Plus he should have known to put the lid back on the damn Cool Whip because we have cats. OK - rant over.

accountability was fine yesterday (although no exercise), but my weight is up again. Must have been the ham slices I had for dinner. Full of sodium. But at least I'm back on track...

QOTD: I'd tell my 16-year-old self to never start smoking. That's about when I started, but I didn't really smoke regularly until I was in college, since I wasn't allowed to smoke at home. I quit when I was 34, but I still worry that something might pop up later. I remember Peter Jennings died of lung cancer even though he'd quit several years before his death (although started up again briefly a few months before he died - if I remember correctly, it was because of 9/11)

TSS: 5y5m

B: protein pumpkin pie with maple-flavored whipped topping, coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake

L: salad with 2 oz ham and light salad dressing, small sweet potato with 1 t butter and brown "sugar" Swerve

AS: protein pumpkin muffin

D: haven't decided yet. Maybe dal or some other kind of soup with a couple of small samosas (found a box of frozen samosas in the freezer when I had to empty it yesterday for the repair guy)

have a great Saturday, all!

on 11/21/20 7:46 am, edited 11/21/20 12:00 am
RNY on 01/01/14

That bracelet matches my ( potential) Big Dog lol!

Going to visit it this afternoon.

Frankly I don't even feel confident enough to take it for a test drive ...its an EXCEPTIONALLY powerful bike ( and a chopper which are harder to control) and I'm going to need to learn a LOT to be able to handle it and traffic ( particularly extra dangerous Florida traffic due to nearly blind oldsters and often drunk youngsters ) . Truth be told I Should be buying a sportster or softail but this is what I LIKE

I don't even have a mechanic down here to check it out grr .. I guess I'll be hunting one up this morning.

The aquarium is WORKING and the corals are Happy ! ( Thank God, FINALLY ) It does look amazing already even without fish .

Plans today - put all tools away and set up dining area .

Write up estimate for apartment repairs including moving chandelier, installing a bunch of lights to make it brighter and a viable work area- installing 4 large TVs and hiding the cords in the wall - and that's just Part of the ELECTRICAL lol.

And I know I'm gonna get sticker shock since here I am a " homeowner " not a construction business owner like on Long Island GRRR and NOTHING I can say will convince them.

B so far - chai tea latte and a salad w ff dressing and a banana

L- not sure perhaps leftover ff lasagna or steak/bearnaise and onions

D- something light hopefully

Swam 45 minutes this morning hard - did 6 3/4 laps butterfly . One of these days I'll butterfly all the way to the end of the ( fairly long ) pool - I can do it but slow ... or hold my breath mainly and do it fast .. so of course I choose the latter lol

Last nite a banana happened then another one early this morning .. no big deal. I'm like a monkey with those .. they just Disappear !

I don't know if we're really going to do a traditional Thanksgiving- I'm thinking of buying a rotisserie chicken, rubbing the breast under the skin and the cavity with fresh herbs and spices , stuffing it with ff stuffing and baking it a bit ...making ff green bean casserole and maybe a fat free sf pumpkin pie or extra fruit filled thin crust very low sugar cherry pie .

I always taste everything but don't usually eat a lot especially in company since I dread dumping, especially in public.

I'd tell my sixteen year old self to GO FOR ALL YOUR DREAMS and Let Nothing Hold You Back. Don't waste your precious time catering to anyone ( especially ungrateful men who mistake your sacrifice as their due ) .

on 11/21/20 7:46 am

This seems low calorie but I've been binging on processed foods which slide. When I eat high protein, like I should, I have restriction and feel full very quickly. I would tell my 16 yr old self to see exercise as a gift and lifestyle.

B: Premier protein Cafe Latte 30P

S: 2 hard boiled eggs 12P

L: Tacos (chicken, 2 of the 25 calorie mission corn tortillas, pico de gallo) 17P

D: Caprese chicken (chicken, pesto, mozzarella, tomato, balsamic drizzle) + green beans 26P

E: 30 min Peloton ride

Total protein: 85 Calories: 800

on 11/21/20 8:12 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning! Melody, I got a package yesterday. I'm going to get fish line today and hope I have photos for you tomorrow or Monday! Gorgeous work!

I've been up since 4:10. so at 5:30 I finally got out of bed and made myself a shirt that has been on my to do list, and got the ingredients ready to put together a new recipe this afternoon. My staff is loving all this baking I am doing, since I can't keep it here in the house or it will go bad. My husband eats as much as he can, and I have zero desire for sweet things, so I am safe from it.

QOTD: Be calm. Be confident in yourself. You'll figure it out.

Menu is completely TBD -- grocery store trip coming up as soon as we finish helping the kids move some solar equipment onto their roofs.

Peace Everyone!

Height 5'3"

HW 200

surgery date 10/29/19 177.9

CW 108

goal weight 125

Melody P.
on 11/21/20 1:02 pm - TX

Yay! Glad it got there ok. Can't wait to see photos! The dark blue that ther is two sets of is my favorite out of all I've made. The silver just shows up so well!

40 F and 6 foot 1 inches

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