What's on your Sunday menu?

Melody P.
on 11/22/20 4:26 am - TX

Good morning everyone!

I hope that everyone is doing ok. I was woken up by my vacation Percy trying to hack about 4 inches from my face. Lovely...LOL this is Opal though...a lot of the same look Percy had though!

No plans today I think. My mom might run to get a newspaper. I'm done with Christmas shopping. I ordered my mom some special crocs yesterday from Disney. They are The Child ones with a little special "charm". I also ordered a tshirt. Hoping it's not to big. I read that they run small but I'll deal with it if it's to big. I am doing stockings for my brother and his family. The brother and SIL are getting a bit of money or gift cards and a few little things in the stocking. The kids got all sorts of little toys and some candy. I also am making them some chainmaille stuff. I've tempered down what all I'm making them because they just don't take great care of things.

QOTD: what is your favorite room scent? Either candles, wax melts...sprays. Give us your suggestions!

b: oatmeal and coffee

l: scrambled eggs with chicken maple sausage

d: chicken and butternut squash

s: gf bread, popcorn and a macaroon.

have a great day everyone!

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I coffee! Mels Chainmaille

on 11/22/20 5:25 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Morning all. Here's hoping that you are well.

I had a rough night and still pretty off kilter this morning. I'm still having alot of nightmares and waking in a panic. Ended up crying for an hour experiencing the anger, fear, frustration and hopelessness of the last year. And then politics and the pandemic on top of it all. Sometimes I wish that I could wrap my arms around all the people in pain right now and we could cry and laugh and remind each other that we're not alone. Physical distancing and wearing masks help to keep us safe but it's so easy to feel alone and forget that there are smiles and kindness under there.

I was able to eat and drink more yesterday but still lost another 1.2#. With a completely new menu, it's hard to even know what to eat. I've.been eating yogurt and applesauce, egg whites and last night had a pouch of salmon. I probably should start having protein shakes again to increase my nutrition but I want to talk to a nutritionist and a bariatric gastroenterologist about it first.

I wish that I could move my body today but I'm being cautious until the PT comes.

I'd like to crochet for a while and maybe take a cat nap.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy day.


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on 11/22/20 5:37 am, edited 11/22/20 1:23 am
RNY on 01/01/14

Sounds like you're feeling better ! ( Thank God )

Yeah, kitties are funny - they cuddle and comfort you nonstop around the clock when they're afraid you'll die ... then tell you to " buck up " by turning on you a little bit when you feel better lol.

Like a nonverbal... I'll make you Appreciate how much time and energy I had to waste on You ...... and don't Imagine you can do it Again...lol

Big Dog is HAPPENING !!! She looks much better in person ( the color is a Bright-ish candied red flaked dark purple-blue trimmed with ultra blue and turquoise and not blackish ) though she is inexplicably dinged up literally EVERYwhere ( in like ten small spots - I'm a mad perfectionist especially when it comes to bikes )... it doesn't look like its from an accident because there are no scratches just little half-inch pieces of damaged paint clearly from impact - the owner thinks she was stored in a garage where things went flying?! HMMM ....someone had a mad wife ? A crazy kid who liked to throw stones ? Its not what you'd think- someone started shooting birdshot ... because there's no actual dents , just paint damage .

I think I can fix these using my " artistic" painting skillz to match the ground color and then put on a bunch of gloss ... it'll look way better for sure .

Not that you'd notice just glancing at the bike - she's Beautiful.

Two of the chrome pipes are discolored at the top too - I need to find out what caused that ( overheating ? ) and the price of getting them re-chromed .

Of course the main question is is she SAFE to ride at high life and limb risking ( literally) highway speeds ? I have a mechanic friend coming to check her out on Monday but so far .. great .

The price is less than trade-in blue book value for this ( rare ) bike because of the dings- I've actually never seen this very rideable comfortable and desired model priced this well except in like .. Ohio , so I'm excited !

Yesterdays food was a bit off plan- lunch was like 4 homemade cinnamon streusel muffins ( made w Kodiak flour and Truvia 1/2 caf Brown sugar mix & very low-fat)

D was Peruvian Rotisserie chicken on the road

S was two pieces of real smoked Mozzarella cheese at the 'rents and 2 Yasso ice milk bars

Todays plan- Set up " dining room " ( done ! )

Research and reserve a spot in the nearest Harley dealerships safe motorcycle driving course

Call ATT to get better internet speed ( can't even use my internet connection on the patio or in the office - nor does it work with my Roku cuz its too LOW a signal !!!)

Concentrate on getting Office room together - empty boxes etc loaded into walk in closet ( build yet another shelving unit first ) .

Water all patios plants . Plant transplants first .

Beach walk if possible .

First visit to sal****er aquarium store if feasible.

Glue together giant broken Vietnamese hand-thrown pot ( now Thats ambitious lol )

B- Chai tea latte , 2 small streusel muffins

L- shrimp ****tail , perhaps saag paneer made with fresh spinach

D- TBD - still have that lasagna waiting

S- fresh Hungarian Cucumber salad

perhaps ff Strudels - have ingredients for apple , morello cherry/poppyseed and cabbage ( yes it sounds WEIRD but its Delicious) ... but I don't feel like cleaning another mess in the kitchen .. and strudel is a huge mess-maker and time waster . Gotta b in the mood 4 it .

Its TOO nice a day ... id much rather spend it enjoying the outdoors than making yet more food -such a change from pre-op !

My favorite scents are pretty much anything from Jo Malone ( but they are Pricey ) ... the more practical alternative is essential oils - I mix Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Orange ...

I also like to grow plants with scents especially outside my bedroom window like night-blooming Jasmine and fresh herbs here in Florida...

Some orchids are also amazingly scented like the Dancing Ladies that smell like a cross between Vanilla and Spun Sugar and literally fill up the whole house with scent when they open...

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RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

not much on the agenda today other than picking up some muffins at the store on the way over to MIL's apt. We try to get together with her on the weekend at some point (although we should probably try for more) since she's otherwise holed up in there and afraid to go anywhere because of the virus. Actually our county doesn't want people having indoor gatherings *at all*, but I'm a little worried about her mental health because she just flat-out doesn't leave the place. And I'm sure she's virus-free (we're extremely careful, too - but we do leave to go to the pharmacy and grocery store - and our county is under a mask order, so I think we're fine, too. I rarely see anyone without a mask - and never in stores). I need to check her computer while I'm there to see if she has bluetooth. She's been talking about getting a Fitbit but doesn't have a cellphone or a laptop (or even wireless internet), but evidently you can still use a Fitbit - with all the features - if your desktop computer is bluetooth-capable. If it is, she'll just need a cable so she can connect her Fitbit to her desktop so she can take advantage of all the features. So anyway, other than clipping cat nails and giving the older ones their meds (and fluids), that's my day...

QOTD: so many scents give me headaches that I don't use them around here, but I do like the smell of vanilla and "Christmas scents" like cinnamon and pine. Coconut is nice, too. Essential oils don't bother me as much as the artificial scents - but I still don't use them.

TSS: 5y5m

B: plain Greek yogurt with strawberry compote, coffee with half & half

MS: I'll just take a protein shake over to MIL's. Store-bought muffins aren't on my plan!

L: chicken sandwich (made with Fit & Active bread, tomato slices, lettuce, and light mayo)

AS: maybe a protein pumpkin muffin. Or L&F yogurt with a light English muffin and light cream cheese

D: 1/2 a vegetable "burger" in a slim bun, small sweet potato with butter and brown "sugar" Swerve

have a great day, everyone!

on 11/22/20 7:28 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Morning all. Checking in on a weekend because I am basically stalling from my exercise agenda... Gotta get motivated!

QOTD: Real fresh baking bread and the smell of fresh laundry in the dryer! Other than that, I really dislike any room scents. The fake pine smell in Pine Sol and other fake pine products gives me an instant migraine, and I just really dislike and scented candles and sprays. Yuck!

We did decide to cook the Thanksgiving turkey today, because since it is just me eating a 12 pound turkey--why not have it all week!?

B: Protein Coffee & HB EGG

S: Apple & Cheese

L: Salad with shredded chicken

D: Turkey!

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White Dove
on 11/22/20 7:45 am

Congratulations on being done with the Christmas gifts. I made my list back in September, then got busy on other things and still have not bought one gift. I kept debating whether I could have a party at my house. Now I know that is not going to be possible so everything will be sent to them through Amazon or other online companies.

I keep a spreadsheet with each child's name, age, and what I bought for them each year. We only do the kids 18 or younger since it is such a big family. I have two nephews 15 and 16 and I don't know what to buy them. Any suggestions are welcome. I usually spend about $30 - $50 on each of them.

I have a candle warmer in the kitchen and put a scented candle on it sometimes to get me in the mood for cleaning. I like lemon, rose, vanilla, lavender, pumpkin spice, lavender, or fresh linen. I really love Glade fresh linen air sprays and keep them in all the bathrooms.

I don't actually burn candles because I am alone and worry about a cat knocking a burning candle over. So plug in candle warmers feel safer to me.

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on 11/22/20 7:54 am
RNY on 01/23/19

Happy Sunday all! Had a nice time at the little scentsy party yesterday and it was good to finally meet my brothers girlfriends mom. Her mom sells scentsy stuff and I was able to get two Christmas gifts knocked out plus something for myself. I also did some more online shopping last night and got a few more people knocked out. Still have to get my dad something, maybe one more thing for mom, my brother and his girlfriend. I haven't a clue as to what to get my brother or dad. The girlfriend is a bit easier to buy for as she likes a lot of the same things I do.

Accountability was not the best yesterday since we had pizza for lunch. I was starving before we went as the protein shake I had for breakfast never holds me long so I had an apple just before so I wouldn't be tempted to eat so much. Had one slice and was satisfied. But then I finally got my free mini red velvet cake for my birthday. That is the only time I allow myself to have cake is for my birthday and since I didn't actually have cake on my birthday I wanted to get it before the coupon expired. So yeah, pizza and cake....but I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought a lot of healthy foods for the week so starting today it's back on track. Will try to supplement a lot of my meals with protein shakes today.

QOTD: I use a lot of wax melts and candles. However, I also use sprays and plug ins. It's hard to keep it smelling fresh in my house all the time with two cats, but I try my best. Being a migraine sufferer though it's tough finding scents that don't trigger them. I try to use mostly light scents like lavenders, light florals and fresh scents. Nothing too strong. I do like seasonal fall and Christmas scents too though. Although some can be a bit too overwhelming. Also like baked goods scents like baked apple pie, sugar cookies, pumpkin roll etc. Anything cinnamon is nice too.

B: coffee w/Splenda & sf creamer x 2

B2: protein shake

S: maybe some almonds

L: protein shake

D: oatmeal

S: L&F Greek yogurt & an apple

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on 11/22/20 9:35 am
RNY on 01/01/14

Have I got a SOLUTION for litter box smells for you !

Crystal litter dries out and holds the pee like FOREVER encapsulating it so neither the cats nor you smell it for MONTHS at a time ( I kid you not ) .

Its not cheap in pet stores but they usually have it at Walmart ( labeled Mimi Litter )for around 5 bux a bag ( vs 16-21 for a large bag at the grocery or pet store ).

I have Persians who embody the dictionary DEFINITION of picky dainty kitties who wouldn't deign to drrty their purrfect hairy-toed paws with stinky litter ( they'll literally pee in a potted plant instead ) .

Zero issues ( thank God !) since switching to Crystal about 2 years ago.

on 11/22/20 7:57 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning! I've got nothing official on tap for today. Thinking of possibly taking the dogs for a walk. I'm getting organized for the upcoming weekend, and reading. Still hoping to take the bikes out this afternoon. Yesterday's grocery shopping was really fun. I love grocery shopping, I know I am weird. I like finding an item then building a meal around it. We went to a local butcher shop that's been around since the fifties. It's turned a bit gourmet, so I had a great time planning out the four dinners I need this week. After that, we popped into Trader Joe's, to round things out and came back home. I made blondies. I think my oven is off, and we are going to try and calibrate it today. The hubs says the blondies taste great, but the are over cooked on the outside and underdone on the inside. I just had one bite, but with my taste still very restricted, it's hard for me to gauge. Need to get one to my daughter tomorrow. She's a pastry chef and can help me fine tune them. The kids at work will still inhale them, that's for sure.

I got a package from Melody yesterday, and I want to show it off. And it fits perfectly with the question of the day. The pictures do not do her work justice, but you can see them in the window behind our candle display. We are big candle people. But the bedroom/bathroom ones cannot be food scented, only light natural scents like lavender. Kitchen/dining space have to be no scent, and we usually have one in the sitting area that is scented something fall like. Right now it's maple, but usually it's crisp apple.


B: left over chicken breast and a bit of sweet potato

L: tbd

D: couple ounces chicken-parm-basil sausage, little piece of cornbread, coleslaw

S: if needed, beef jerky and or cheese whisps

Peace Everyone!

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