Vitamins and testing results

on 12/28/20 1:28 pm

Hello All and Happy New Year!

At this point I'm about nine years out. I had to primary care switch doctors due to insurance reasons, I'm sure you understand that... LOL.

Our bariatric vitamins have a lot of excess stuff because of our malabsorption due to the RNY. I have explained this to my new primary care doctor, but I got a call today for my latest bloodwork, and they told me to stop taking my B12 supplement. Now, I can't take it "out" of my bariatric vitamins... ?....and I think my numbers have been very high for many years, but this doctor is not listening or remembering me.

Does anyone else have issues with your general physician telling them to stop vitamins? Now that I've been "graduated" from the bariatric practice, I feel like I have no real guidance. I'm trying to do what I've been doing all along, but then these physicians who are not experts in our surgery, have their own opinion...

Curious what your experience has been?

on 12/28/20 3:45 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

1) if your doctor isn't listening to you, find a new doctor -- you have to be your own advocate. (I learned this the hard way presurgery when "you just need to lose weight" turned into "untreated mono with possible liver and spleen damage").

2) I tell my GP (who is not in my bariatric practice since I had that in a different state) what I need to have tested and how frequently, she just writes the orders I ask for. I met with her before selecting her off my insurance as my GP to make sure she would support my control of my health, it was weird to interview my future doctor but a good decision.

3) I take CentrumX2 and my calcium, B, D and Iron separately so I can control amounts rather than rely on the general mix. From the vets on here, I learned to keep my own tracking so I can see what is increasing/declining and act on the trend vs waiting until there's an issue. It's some of the best advice ever!

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on 1/3/21 6:48 pm

My bone dr told me I was taking way too much vitamin D and to cut it in half. Last month, which is two years later, she told me my bone density scan shows bone loss from not getting enough vitamin D.

Karyn P.
on 1/3/21 8:54 pm - Mays Landing, NJ

I am 15 years out and am very concerned about osteosporosis. I have body aches daily except they feel like they ache to my bones. I have friends who have had the surgery and are full blown osteo. I have never had a bone density test nor have I seen a DR in 2 years for lack of insurance. I have been diligent about taking my vitamins. Any advice??

on 1/4/21 3:26 am
RNY on 02/14/18

You might see if you can find a fitness place that does bone density and RMR, they seem to be less expensive than going through a medical facility. Could at least get your current baseline and give you something to track against.

HW: 306 SW: 282 CW:144.8 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19), next goal - 132.9


on 12/29/20 7:26 am
RNY on 06/03/15

High B12 usually isn't a problem - mine is always high and the first couple of times I asked my bariatric surgeon about it he just basically shrugged (meaning - not a problem). When it once went over 2000, he said I could cut back on my dosage a bit since I was taking more than I needed (so I did cut back a little..), but once it went back into the 1000's, he never said anything.

my endocrinologist also had me cut my calcium supplements because I was excreting tons of calcium in my urine, which can cause kidney stones (blood calcium levels have always been fine) - but then, I figure chemical balances/imbalances are an endocrinologist's specialty. As long as my blood levels of calcium (and PTH) are OK, then whatever...

as far as my PCP goes, she's never done my bariatric-related bloodwork (although she can see it on my chart), so she's never said anything one way or the other - she's just left it to the experts.

in short, this doesn't relate to your issue about your GP - you're right, this is more a specialist's bailiwick - but I just responded because yes - I've been told to stop or cut back on vitamins - but that advice came from people who specialize in these areas. I'm not sure how I'd respond if it came from my GP. I agree with Partlypollyana that you may have to become your own advocate - a lot of people on here do...

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