Eating problems 8 years post op

on 1/13/21 5:41 pm

I'm almost 8 years out from my surgery.. so far things have been pretty good I stayed 120 pounds for the first 6 years, I was eating good and exercising all the time.. in the past year I've put on 25 pounds and I'm still ok with this weight but the last 6 months I've been having bowel issues to the point now I've been on a soft food liquid diet and every time I try to eat anything a bit solid I feel bloated and sick.. anyone else get to this point? Also is it normal I still can't vomit ?


on 1/14/21 4:12 am

have you been back to your surgeon? I would recommend this.

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on 1/14/21 2:43 pm

My doctor is sending me back as soon as he can

White Dove
on 1/14/21 11:27 am

Definitely see a doctor. I was told to start eating a lot more fiber when I had bowel issues. Magnesium also helps me.

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on 1/14/21 2:44 pm

I've tried this with no luck

White Dove
on 1/14/21 5:51 pm

You tried eating more fiber, or you tried talking to a doctor about the problem? If the doctor ignored you, then find a new one. We can develop bowel obstructions that can be life threatening. You need to get answers.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 1/14/21 5:50 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

I really think it is trail and error of paying attention to what you ate or the combination of foods. I was getting bloated at night all the time. Lately not so much.

Raw veggies maybe?

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H.A.L.A B.
on 1/15/21 11:57 am

You my have a small blockage, like a hernia, or twisted insides, or even a scar tissue that decided to wrap itself around part of your small intestines.

Or you have bowel blockage due to chronic constipation. I had BM every day, but I still ended with "gut full of $!t". Seriously. I was miserable. After my GB surgery food transit through my digestive system slowed down to a crawl. More fiber made it worse. The CT scan I got showed my large intestines enlarged, and part of my small intestines, a big part, was also full. It took me 3-4 days of liquid diet, lots of liquids, and miralax to get rid of that. I think I lost app 5-6 lbs of "it".
After that I tried different things, food combinations, etc, to try to stimulate my bowels to move better. I still had a lot of problems with some foods high in fiber, foods that normally feeds bacteria in the large intestines.

Unfortunately I also discovered that I have SIBO (google that). And systematic internal Candida. That cause me to be diagnosed with IBS-C. IBS with constipation. I found a good gastro who helps me manage SIBO and IBS. Every few months (currently once every 6 months) I take a course of antibiotics that help cleaning my small intestines of the unwelcomed bacteria. As far as know, duet to my RNY, low acid production, etc. etc, it would be close to impossible to completely eradicate the SIBO and Candida. I most likely i gad candida for a long long time, because as I child I was very frequently sick and I was given a lot of antibiotics.

To speed the food transition, I now take a relatively large amount of magnesium oxide, plus generic Miralax. And I make sure I drink over 100 oz of liquids. Often I drink more.

I have to avoid some high fiber foods, or eat that in moderation. Ideally - I should be eating low carb- low fiber foods. And make sure i walk at least 10,00 steps per day. Walking - activities help with moving the food down the pipe.

I hate taking antibiotics, but when I feel I'm getting more constipated, even with increased miralax dose, and i strt having more and more pain and boating after eating I know its time to take them. (Like now).

I hope you can find out what is going on.

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