What's on your Monday menu?

White Dove
on 2/8/21 8:15 am

Happy Birthday

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 2/8/21 7:23 am
RNY on 01/23/19

Morning all. I'd be good if I could just get rid of this nausea and insomnia. I know it's from the antibiotic I'm taking as it's listed as two of the main side effects. I broke down and drank some soda over ice last night to see if it would calm the nausea. That was the first time since surgery I've had a carbonated beverage, but I was desperate. Well it didn't help and it didn't even taste that good to me so no more soda.

QOTD: hmmm...I'm not sure. As a kid I always wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Had the red hair and everything. Lol

Don't really have a food plan. Soup and might try to throw in a protein shake. Need to eat my yogurts before they expire too. So much in my fridge is going to expire because I've been sick and unable to eat it. A lot of it I've put in the freezer, but I just hate that I bought all this healthy food that I'm unable to eat right now....sigh

Surgery: RNY on 1/23/19

on 2/8/21 12:32 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

commercial yogurt lasts well beyond the expiration date - I've eaten some a month or two out of date and it was fine (doesn't hold true of the homemade variety, though!)

on 2/8/21 7:51 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

Good Morning Jen and Menuers,

Well I am saddened by the news of Julia taking a break. It really helped me through the last few years knowing she always had a positive thought to get me going each morning. She will be missed.

Jen thanks so much for starting us this morning. That meme is so funny. The before women even has the bra on inside out you can see the tags.

QOTD: I got nothing

Accountability: I did nothing all weekend. I sat and ate from morning till night. I am just glad it was mostly health choices. I did do a Crazy 8 fit class on Saturday but my Sunday morning had me in the bathroom a lot and I did not feel a run even on the treadmill was going to make me feel better so I rested.

TSS: 3 years 1 Months and 23 days 133.4 (Lowest 129.4)

B: Coffee with sugar free Aldi hazelnut creamer and a Toast-Yay

MS: Premier Strawberries and cream Protein and berries

CB: Coffee with sugar free Aldi hazelnut creamer (not liking the Aldi creamer to sweet)

L: , Chili, Chicken and snack selects.

D: pulled pork and Asian slaw. .

Exercise: 50 minute tread mill (DONE)

Water and vitamins: On track. I take a Bariatric Advantage Ultra multi w/iron I use bariatric advantage Calcium chews and 500mg of Magnesium.

Everybody have a Week

Brightest Blessing


HW 299 SW 290 CW 139 GW 140 2/08/2019 OPERATION: Surgical Hernia with excision of total surface area of 55 x 29 cm of abdominal skin.

on 2/8/21 8:08 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning! This meme made me actually laugh out loud. Great way to start the day. I did pretty well food wise yesterday but no real exercise. A lot of standing and moving around the kitchen packing out food. My husband and I tag teamed it and it went very smoothly. Today I have to move food into the RV, and finish bagging fridge stuff, spices and meds/vitamins. Then load my clothes for the week in the RV and I am DONE with termite tent prep. It's been great I have to admit to get the bottom of cabinet drawers and such completely wiped out and clean. Got the freezer scrubbed yesterday while we were bagging things and I'll finish the fridge today. A bit of early spring cleaning done so a bonus to the dreary work of tent prepping. I'm off today, so I plan on walking to the grocery store to get the few items I need to round off the week in the RV. I've menu planned through Friday. So next Saturday I'll get the hubs to take me for lunch and then we'll grocery shop for the next few days. Love having a plan.

QoTD: I don't know about influence, but I so remember enjoying Amelia Bedilia as a pre teen/tween. What are you doing, doing, doing?! I bought my oldest granddaughter the first two books for Christmas. I'm trying desperately to make readers out of those girls. The older one reads well, but like her dad, she is math-centric. So not into reading for pleasure. Though she'll build anything. But I will keep trying. Reading is one of the most sacred pleasures in the world in my opinion!


B: Turkey pepperoni, 1 slice deli muenster cheese

L: leftover chicken thigh with mushrooms

D: roasted pork shoulder with onions and potatoes

S: crisps/jerky if needed. Small glass of wine. 1 piece of chocolate if it is calling my name

Peace Everyone!

Height 5'3"

HW 200

surgery date 10/29/19 177.9

CW 125

goal weight 125

White Dove
on 2/8/21 8:26 am

I read books about explorers and missionaries. I wanted to go to the North and South Poles, Australia, and Africa. In Africa, I was going to be a missionary and help people to have better lives.

My cousins lived in Ireland. One way to get a great education there was to join the convent. One cousin became a nun, then a nurse, and was assigned to a mission in Africa. She ended up leaving the convent. She told me that she lived in Africa in a beautiful building, had servants, beautiful things, and ate the best of foods. But while she was eating a wonderful meal would be able to look out the window at people who were sick and starving.

She could not stand the hypocrisy that she saw there and decided being a nun was not for her.

I did not do the things I read about, but may still do some of them.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

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