What's on your Thursday menu?

Melody P.
on 3/25/21 3:30 am - TX

Good morning everyone! Hope the day so far is treating you well :o)

I'm having some more blobiness stuff in my right eye. I think it's just the shot breaking up stuff but it's very annoying! Going to get my hair cut today. Really needing it as I think my hair is just horrible looking and it'll be easier to care for. We also have to think about if we're going to go to my nephews Texas history thing at his school. I'm not keen on going but I'm betting my mom will want to go.

QOTD: We know about your favorite book as a kid what about movies?

Little Women, I used to really like Iron Will. So cheesy now but man I still like it! Tall Tales....as an older "kid" my favorite move was Apollo 13.

B: just egg, chicken sausage, GF toast and coffee

L: thinking of making some ranch turkey bites or patties. Will depend if we're home.

D: some kind of Mexican inspired dish. I might thaw some chicken and I plan on making some salsa verde with avocado so...something to go with that.

S: popcorn, tortilla chips and ???

40 F and 6 foot 1 inches

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on 3/25/21 3:39 am
RNY on 01/23/19

Good morning everyone! Boy this week has seemed to go by extra slow for me. I am glad tomorrow is finally Friday. Accountability was a lot better yesterday and I'm finally down a pound....hopefully I continue in that direction!

QOTD: hmm...this is a tough one because there were so may. I was big into Disney movies so just about any of those. My brain is still half asleep so not much is coming to mind. lol

B: coffee & protein shake

L: oatmeal or tuna

D: baked boneless skinless chicken breast & cauliflower rice

S: L&F Greek yogurt

Surgery: RNY on 1/23/19

on 3/25/21 4:03 am
RNY on 09/30/20

Good Morning!

It was nice to have yesterday off.. I spent

it with my best friend. We did a 6km walk among other things woohoo!

b: fairlife latte, 1/2 Greek yogurt bagel with 1/2tbsp cream cheese

S: 120g skyr, 50g blueberries and 15g pb

L: 20g spinach, 2oz chicken, 15g feta, EVOO & balsamic

S: 1/2 Greek yogurt bagel, 1/2 slice havarti, 1 egg

d: spicy Turkey skillet

S: tbd.. but apple & pb

Surgery 09/30/20

CW: 154.4 | SW: 221.6 |HW: 255

Learning my new normal, one day at a time.

on 3/25/21 5:16 am
RNY on 06/03/15


I have classes this morning and I'm supposed to meet up this afternoon with that new friend I mentioned yesterday - we had to reschedule for today due to rain. Although it's only supposed to be 50 degrees F this afternoon - a bit cold for outdoor coffee. I wish he'd have suggested rescheduling to next week when it'll be 60 - but then, I can take a sweater or coat today. Still....ugh.

COVID shot yesterday went well - only reaction is the sore arm I woke up with this morning, although it's not bad. I've had worse sore arms with tetanus shots. My next shot is April 21. I wish I didn't have to drive an hour to get it, but it's either that or waiting around for a month for shot #1 if I wanted to stay closer to home. Or sit on my laptop day and night ready to pounce on a cancellation. Of the three, driving an hour seemed like the best option. Plus it was nice to have lunch with my husband, who works in a city that was en route to the vaccine place.

QOTD: not sure I had a favorite - although I watched the Wizard of Oz every year that it was broadcast on television (I used to really look forward to that!) - I also loved Dumbo and Bambi.

B: plain Greek yogurt with 1/2 diced mango, coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake

L: 1/2 protein muffin, L&F yogurt

AS: I'll probably get the latte I mentioned yesterday at the coffee place (with 2% milk and SF syrup). I'll probably be wanting something else as well - maybe a protein bar?

D: 1/2 Beyond Burger on 1/2 slim bun, 1 serving of "Sweet Kale" salad (a Fresh Express kit)

have a great day, everyone!

on 3/25/21 5:59 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Good Morning! Happy Friday-Eve. My hubby is still recuperating from his sinus infection so it's been a a pretty laid back and early bed kinda week.

QOTD: I really can't remember any as a kid, more like teenage years but Grease came to mind first.

TSS: 6 years, 7 months

B: SF latte, Pear, Quaker protein/fiber oatmeal and turkey sausage

L: deli turkey, spinach salad with feta, SF pudding and a honeycrisp apple

S: SF latte, Protein puffs, an apple and yogurt

D: Roasted/pulled pork, cauliflower with cheese, sliced orange/banana, and 2 squares dark chocolate

ES: Greek yogurt with ¼ cup fiber cereal

E: treadmill and elliptical totaling an hour

V/W: On track

Totals: Cals:1334 Protein: 115 Carbs:125 Fat: 47

Have a great one!

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on 3/25/21 6:49 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning!

Yesterday at work flew by. So busy!!! Went home to date night with my husband. Dinner at the marina and they have live music. We were outside on the back deck next to the docks so it was really pretty. But I made terrible food choices. Even said as I did this was going to kill me. And it nearly did. Got back to the RV and laid down and pretty much stayed down all night. Made me wonder if this was a bit of RH I've heard about. I was miserable and I brought that sh$t on myself. So dumb.

Today is work and then a fun wine dinner with matched foods. It's at our favorite Italian restaurant and being held outside under umbrellaed tables. I'm going to be very damn careful with how much I eat. No repeat of last night. We were invited by really good friends as a start to my birthday celebration. I'm all about the birthday month (April) and have no shame in my game to dive in a bit early.

QoTD: I most remember my Dad being deployed during a major holiday, so Thanksgiving or Christmas, and my Mom taking us out to King George's buffet and then to see Poseidon Adventure. I can still remember the scenes of them swimming through the water. That was 1972, so I was 10. I think we lived in either Hayward, CA or North Kingston, RI.

menu: extra good today to plan for tonight!

B: 1 oz beef jerkey, 1 serving Sonoma crisps

L: chicken breast

D: I don't know what they are serving, but it's going to be AWESOME!

Peace Everyone!

Height 5'3"

HW 200

surgery date 10/29/19 177.9

CW 125

goal weight 125

on 3/25/21 6:53 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I remember that movie. That one song "There's Got to Be a Morning After" was a huge hit back in 1972 (I was in junior high then)

Julia S.
on 3/25/21 7:31 am - Beaverton, OR
RNY on 02/12/18

The vaccine was a glitch, they invited 11,000 people who aren't currently eligible. But they said that they will honor the appointments. Which makes me happy, even if it was a glitch at least I will be getting vaccinated.

QOTD- Probably the Wizard of Oz, I'd watch it every time it was on. My Mom likes to remind me of that.

It's been rainy and cold here in the PNW, hoping the sun will shine sometime.

My pouch has been rather grumpy lately, some things that I normally tolerate well have been upsetting it. So I'm trying to be more aware and stop before it's too late.

I need to get back to work, so have a great day everyone!

5'5" Age 63 HW 291 SW 275.8 CW 167.6

on 3/25/21 7:38 am
RNY on 10/29/19

I would watch Wizard of Oz every year until the Flying Monkeys. Then I was out. I was like nope, too scary and off to bed I went. I still don't think I've seen it all the way through. I got to see Wicked a couple times, and about broke my husband's hand clenching it during the Flying Monkey's scene. Gosh they still scare me!

Melody P.
on 3/25/21 10:06 am - TX
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