Eat. Crash. Rinse. Repeat

on 4/22/21 3:33 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

Anyone having this problem?

Seems no matter what I eat this happens.

Testing shows blood sugar stays in normal range.

Help! It's really impacting my life.

on 4/23/21 12:44 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

Nope. What are you eating? How long ago was your surgery? Have you talked to your surgeon?

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on 4/26/21 1:32 pm


Sorry you feel so bad... I have not had this problem. I do have hypoglycemia. so understand that one episode of that will impact your energy for at least 3 days.

I have dealt with sugar issues for over 40 years- still "termed prediabetic".( diagnosed at 21 and now 62) Your body's response is specific to you and you will have to of necessity track this down.Your tolerances will be different from mine. as general guide - I have 30 grams protein to 10-12 grams carbs.for breakfast.. snacks are often 2 oz deli meat w/ 3-4 saltines. Not enough carbs= my energy crash.. took me a while before i figured out my response.. always occurred same time every day... My protein goal is 90-100 grams daily w/ 40-50 carbs. Don't always make both of them, but as long as i stay close, it helps me..

My suggestion- do a strict diet diary. USE paper so you can lay pages side by side. Every bite, every liquid... do assessment.. 30 mn after you eat.... are you full/overfull. energy or none... Blood sugar check every 15 minutes after a meal that commonly causes problms MIGHT give you more cluse... blood sugar to be back to baseline fasting in 2 hours......Goal in diary: to see if you can look back over the find any possible trigger. eat mostly protein first, limit carbs.- eat with the protein- very 3rd or 4th bite.. Protein requires energy for digestion..and takes much longer... (may need to raise carb s, if they are too low..- if you do- do it very slowly by half serving amounts.) avoid all sweets even artificially sweet./fruit juices..until you figure this out and then only add things back in one at a time per week. document how it affects you. You are an indivdual and wll respond different.

after you eat and What ever You are calling" Crash" happens.. try drinking 3-4 oz milk whole milk. not skim. not 2%( can be lactose free). for first 2 swallows hold the milk in your mouth under tongue... then sip remainder over 5-8 minutes as you tolerate.Milk has right balance of protein, and fat, and sugars to rebalance blood sugars.. Some endocrine specalists recommend it and i have found it works when "other "milks, oat, rice, coconut don't.

It is possible your sugar is still in normal range but fluctuating enough you are having symptoms of cra**** is not the low numbers that give the symptoms when this occurs but how rapid it falls.

on 4/26/21 2:06 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

This is awesome.

I can't tell you how much appreciate your help.

on 4/27/21 2:27 pm

Hang in there you can find this issue and your tolerances... let me know if you need any clarifications.

on 4/27/21 4:41 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

Thank you!

Crashed 3 times today. Hard 60-120 min of out cold coma like sleep.

It's not a choice it just happens.

First 2 I had a Quest bar. Last udis whole grain bread, natural peanut butter, tsp jelly and half banana.

Pow crash.

on 4/27/21 6:53 pm, edited 4/27/21 11:54 am

Sweetie, that is enough carbs for 3 whole days. How i know?... I have been there.

I would crash at between 8 -10. grams carbs... finally got stable and could tolerate 12..

TOTAL CARBS. that is what you must look at.

.Every food you have listed has too many carbs, in normal amounts.. In time you will be able to tolerate them in 1/4and 1/2 amounts

IT IS a Choice..Your blood sugar is based on what you are eating and how your body is processing carbs.

You MUST find your limit quickly. This is DANGEROUS! sugars dropping this low can result in seizures and brain damage..

Did you check your blood sugar.?

Cold,, one of first symptoms, sweat pops out like beads.. when that happens, quickly get some milk.. start with 2 oz. hold first two swallows in mouth to allow blood vessels in under tongue to begin absorbing the sugars in it... sip on it til gone. recheck sugar after 10 min. if needed repeat. 2 more oz.milk.

Because a product is labeled" high protein" does not mean it is low enough in CARBS to be tolerated by someone who has Relative hypoglycemia...- now known as pre diabetes

go with peanut butter. like mine with 1/4 banana, 2 inches..mashed up. eat with a spoon..

Look at carb on one slice of bread... guessing 12-18,grams carbs....You are not tolerating this.. cut it in half and let one half be a serving.

..when i was in crisis, I used: the healthy life. thin sliced bread that s 35 cal per slice .ONE slice/ sparingly...

You are going to need to cut WAY back. quickly. ...and have figured out your exact limits.

Jelly,a teaspoon is at least 3x too much- right now. I get it ,a taste is enough sometimes.You need to put it on hold til your sugar is stable .

. quest bar, (Not familiar with not working for you if it has caused 2 crashes today..). OK I . looked up.. has 21 total carbs... enough for all day...until you can get stable..

Idea, try this: quest bar.... cut one in 1/4ths... and have one pc with a tablespoon of peanut butter...after an hour ,have one more pc same way.poach a egg or two to go with it... heavy protein breakfast sets you up for a good day.... carbs would be about 5 for 1/4th bar-according to what i looked at....would space out your carbs over 2 hours.

. find another protein...JUST protein quickly..No/very low. carbs. to add in to your diet.

Find something you do like and get it in a routine. are you drinking coffee.? It will cause and insulin release in some people even if it is black- yeah, i am one of those too..

Can you eat eggs.? one large egg is 7 grams.protein, 3 is 21, poach them.get as done or as lightly cooked as you like them... , salt/pepper to taste./ . .. , add a tablespoon of peanut butter.. eat it from a spoon ..skip all bread.. My Dear Mom liked hers in her coffee.. i don't like it that way.

You need to see if you can make it thru some meals without blood sugars plummeting. it will take 3 days for it to totally stabilize. .keep your Total carb count down....20-25 for a day should be your max...for NOW..

on 4/27/21 8:22 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

Great notes.

I've tested my be and it's within normal range.

High 130 after eating. Down 90 few hrs later then back to 100.

But the carb coma is real and no joke.

Like I drank 10 beers.

Will start to limit carbs as you suggested.

So confused.


on 4/27/21 8:43 pm

To find what your sugar is doing, how it is responding after you eat... check your sugar 30 min after you eat, then every 15 minutes x 6. In 2 hours your sugar should be to your baseline.just as if t were a fasting.

You have a very low tolerance for carbs. You may need to eat as often as every 3 hours. No long fasts between meals.just make sure you eat high protein and low carb..

I have been here and done this.It is real and it is not fun. You can get thru this. This diet restriction will not ALWAYS be this tight. But for now this will help you regain control.Denise

on 4/27/21 8:50 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

Thanks Denise.

I've been through a lot including severe anemia and loss of muscle and my mobility.

Mobility coming back thru PT but the crashing I need to figure out.

Thank you so much for taking the time.

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