Spontaneous Resolution of Dumping

on 5/9/21 5:56 am
Revision on 03/21/17

I'm 4 years out from my SG revision to RNY. I'm one of the "lucky" ones who has had both early and late dumping with really bad hypoglycemia with no success managing either. None of the typical treatments were successful, for various reasons.


Few short months ago, my early dumping started not coming every time I ate. This was followed by extremely rapid improvement to the point where I haven't had any episodes of early dumping at all for about two months. No more attempts at meds, no dietary changes (I eat a decent diet, very small meals, with a good balance of protein and healthy fats and moderately restricted amounts of complex carbs only). No one knows for sure why this happened, and no one has offered much in the way of guesses other than maybe SIBO was contributing to it, and a round of antibiotics I took for an unrelated abdominal infection helped.


My hypoglycemia is now resolving too. I was having 25 - 30 incidents of low blood sugar as recorded by my CGM per 7 days consistently for years now. Nothing helped at all. In the previous 7 days from this post I've had 3. One wasn't low enough to set off my CGM alarm which is set at 60 and used to alarm multiple times a day both after meals and overnight. I've even "tested" small quantities of provocative foods to try to induce an event and it has not happened. Not that I'll be eating that junk normally, yuck and I am HAG.

Has anyone else ever had this crap just go away for no apparent reason? I'm very content to accept this improvement as a miracle but am still curious. I was told over and over by experienced and competent doctors that this was with me for life. They are thrilled but stumped.

Thanks for reading and for any replies.

on 5/24/21 10:40 am


My question..for you to consider- not necessarily answer to me... if having that many episodes in 7 days- Is how many Carbs are you taking in..?. If you are limiting carbs then it is pre-/ probiotic- enzyme -bacterial issue.SIBO would fit that.

Enhancing gut -good bacteria and flora should give you more control..

If you have recently cut artificial sugars,and GMO oils, they have been proven to negatively impact gut flora. You need to be aware with that much dumping your body is probably very mineral deficient. I would urge you to do some self education about each mineral that is easily lost thru dumping and look at the foods and sources for them...This needs to be done before you have lifelong consequences of nutritional deficiency. Why ? you might ask.

In short I want you to learn from what has happened with me...When my hair turned yellow grey and like bad straw.and blood vessels were breaking n hands... i found i had a copper deficiency. when my heart rate dropped to 35-45 i found i was iodine and magnesium deficient.All of my teeth have cracked and had to be pulled over the last 15 years. and the last four have turned blue and died from the bottom- it is a matter of time before they too,must be pulled.I was diagnosed with osteopenia many years ago and upped my calcium/minerals to forms that were more bioavailable/ easly and more completely absorbed.

I am into my 25th year post -op. My surgeon had to retire from own health about 4 years post op...and no one really wants to address the issues of another surgeon. I am one of the lucky ones. I believe in doing my own trouble shooting. I take no regular meds. Only PRN's for gastritis...

I had one of the very early weight loss surgeries.. included a RNY, , multiple hernia repairs, multiple bowel resections/large section of colon was removed., banding above and below pouch-( goal was to prevent intestinal block by any pc of inadequately processed food- by banding would be caught high and accessible by surgical tools thru oral pathways.)

In additional to periodic dumping- i had with relation to carb ingestion... I have chronic gastritis,- thought to be from lack of pro-biotic and prebiotics... many dietary intolerances.. including milk, cheese,fish,artificial sweeteners, and some grains. Oatmeal will produce hypoglycemia in the smallest amounts- 2 oz serv..

consider using organics esp for any grain-and root veggies you may consume. Pesticide residue is in entire food chain. It can have a profound effect on our bodies.. I know because of My hubs has nerve pain and a few bags of corn /potato chips throws him into severe nerve pain...that s ever ncreasing up his limbs. neuropathy.

(I have been there with blood sugar- currently on no regular monitoring and stable-) i do take Bitter Melon for blood sugar on 15 day on and 15 day off schedule...

on 5/24/21 12:06 pm
Revision on 03/21/17


Thank you so much for your reply! Yes, I restrict my carbs and the ones I do eat are complex ones. Unfortunately the dumping came back. I am having an endoscopy in June and they are going to evaluate for SIBO, or try to. The good news is that it isn't as severe as it was. Unfortunately my hypoglycemia is still a concern too. It take very little increase in my blood sugar to trigger a crash, and it goes low even when I'm fasting and overnight, so I'm also being evaluated for endocrine problems.

I stay on top of nutritional deficiencies as best I can. I get plenty of routine blood work and am blessed with a caring medical team who is knowledgeable about possible issues post surgery. I take appropriate supplements.

Overall, I am still doing much better that I was six months ago, even though some of it did not stay resolved. I will look into the things you have mentioned. Thank you very much!


on 5/24/21 12:17 pm

If you decide to try bitter melon you need to be aware it takes 2 full months for it to be effective., but is cheap. I also have a narrow window of blood sugar tolerance.. i used to crash when got UP to 90 (LOL).. so understand..

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