Seeking information on sleeve to gastric bypass revision

on 5/13/21 12:52 pm
VSG on 04/30/14


I had my sleeve in 2014 and lost about 100 lbs. I've regained about half of that due to many factors plus I have quite bad GERD. Also, i'm in my 50s. I will be seeing my surgeon on June 1 and I believe he will suggest a revision to gastric bypass so in advance I'd like to hear from anyone who's already had that revision.

Was the surgery more difficult the second time around?

Which things are better?

Which things are not so great? Any limitations to how you live your life now from when you had the sleeve?

Any advice for anyone considering a revision? Things to be aware of that they may not tell you beforehand?

Many thanks!

Surgery: April 30, 2014: HW: 288 SW: 250 Achieved Goal 149 lbs: April 8, 2015 CW: 200 lbs (50 lb regain as of Jan 2021). Fighting every darn day!

Melody P.
on 5/18/21 3:24 am - TX

I had to have a revision due to severe GERD.

The surgery itself was actually easier on me than the VSG. I had so much nausea from the VSG surgery and virtually none after the revision.

the GERD was so so soooo much better. I still have some issues with occasional heartburn/indigestion but nothing like I was dealing with.

The hardest thing for me was losing the restriction that the VSG offered. BUT overall I do not regret for a second getting the revision. A warning though...weight doesn't come off as fast as your initial surgery. I developed GERD rather quickly so my surgeries were fairly close together considering.

Good luck!

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on 5/22/21 7:40 pm

You keep fighting. I am waiting on insurance approval for conversion from lap band to RNY. I am also in my 50's. I think my biggest 3 fears are: 1) Insurance approval, 2) Survive a long surgery where they remove the band and complete RNY without complications, 3) Losing the weight I need to lose. From what I understand, even for a revision you have to be at least 100 lbs overweight or BMI of 40 or above for them to revise the surgery. I qualify to have the band removed for complications. It sounds like your experience with GERD would qualify as a complication because that can cause serious damage if left untreated. I should know this week if I have insurance approval and our target surgery date is June 7. I'll keep you posted.


on 5/28/21 11:46 pm
RNY on 06/07/21

Congrats! I hope you got your target date. I actually found it much easier this time around. But my band was is 2010.

on 5/23/21 7:48 pm
VSG on 04/30/14

Thank you to both of you. My appt with my surgeon isn't that far away anymore so I shall be patient. I think my greatest fear is he will tell me there's nothing he can do and I just have to eat less. (My inner voice is not very nice to me).

I'm grateful for both your responses and hope things go well for you.

Surgery: April 30, 2014: HW: 288 SW: 250 Achieved Goal 149 lbs: April 8, 2015 CW: 200 lbs (50 lb regain as of Jan 2021). Fighting every darn day!

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