What's on your (photo) Friday menu?

Melody P.
on 5/14/21 4:21 am - TX

we made it to Friday! Woohoo! Hope that you're all ok.

Not much planned today. We have the kids today. I'm feeling very drained which I'm sure is from the vaccine. Hoping to sneak in a little nap or rest before we pick up the girls. School is almost over for the season then we'll have them all day 2-3 times a week. Yay...LOL

Qotd: what is your favorite room in your house/apartment?

I'd have to say the living room. The big window faces east so the morning sun is always nice to soak in.

B: just egg, chicken sausage, vegan cheese and coffee before

L: 2 fish "sticks" and some egg plant(have yet to decide how to cook it)

D: probably turkey smoked sausage and the rest of the cabbage

S: I've got some cauliflower and broccoli to snack on and maybe a bag of gf pretzels

my pics are older...the orange kitty is Otis...he was my soul match kitty...I miss him so very much. Opal of course with the eyes!

on 5/14/21 4:36 am, edited 5/13/21 9:40 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

We're getting a new furnace this morning. The inducer on our old one started making noise this past winter, so we wanted to replace the furnace before next season because I was concerned about the thing dying in 10 below zero weather (they could have replaced the inducer for about $500 parts and installation, but the furnace is 16 years old -- it seemed to make more sense just to replace it).

I was thinking about trying my hand at making mozzarella cheese while the furnace is being replaced since I'll be stuck here for the duration, but I have online Mah Jongg at 10:00. Supposedly it takes less than an hour to make the cheese, but I don't want to risk it since it's my first time. Maybe I'll make it this afternoon or tomorrow instead.

other than the furnace, nothing else going on today -- although I need to go over to the gym at some point to do weights. I may go for a bike ride, too, if the mood strikes. It looks like it's going to be a nice day weather-wise...

QOTD: I love my house - not sure I have a favorite room, although I guess my favorite place to hang out is this family room we have above the garage (the original family room is in the basement (1950s house) -- but I use that mostly for exercising). We had the "new" family room completely gutted and re-done about eight years ago, and a three-season porch added to it two years ago, and it really looks great.

B: lemon/blueberry yogurt pie, coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake

L: the other half of the turkey & cheese sandwich I had yesterday. Maybe the apple from yesterday's lunch, too.

AS: 1/2 protein muffin, L&F lemon yogurt w/ fresh raspberries

D: chicken breast & broccoli - made with either a Thai sauce or tikka masala sauce - over cauliflower rice

have a great day, everyone!

P.S. forgot to add a picture. I can't find one of the aforementioned family room on my laptop (and I'm too lazy at the moment to run upstairs and take one), but here's a picture of the screen porch that's off it. I've posted pics of this in the past since we just added it two years ago - but there are probably a few people on here who haven't seen those since we have some new folks who've joined the thread since then

on 5/14/21 7:58 am
RNY on 08/29/18

Trish - How bad was the cost on the furnace? I had heard they were comparable to a roof replacement (uggh). We have replaced a number of ho****er heaters, but they aren't too bad.

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on 5/14/21 8:56 am, edited 5/14/21 2:07 am
RNY on 06/03/15

$3200. We could have gone the next model up for $3800, but we were OK with the lesser of the two. So it wasn't as bad as I thought. I think our roof might have been more than that (although I don't remember, to be honest - that was a few years ago...)

on 5/14/21 9:20 am
RNY on 08/29/18

That's not as bad as I had thought. Although probably not what you want to spend your money on.

Jim Age 55 Height 6 Feet Consult Weight 344 SW 289 Pre-Surgery -55, M1 -25, M2 -16, M3 -21, M4 -10, M5 -5, M6 -1, M7 -4, M8 0, M9 +4, M10 -4

on 5/14/21 9:23 am, edited 5/14/21 2:23 am
RNY on 06/03/15

you're right! I'd definitely rather spend it elsewhere... Although the furnace was starting to have issues and was 16 years old (i.e., near the end of its life), so it was time. It may have been able to limp along for awhile, but I didn't want to risk it dying in the middle of next winter...

on 5/14/21 8:44 pm
RNY on 03/24/21

What a beautiful room. I would love all the sunlight that the room gets.

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on 5/15/21 5:35 am
RNY on 06/03/15


on 5/14/21 6:38 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning and yay for Friday. It's been a tedious week. I'm not good at tedious. Dinner out last night to celebrate a friend's birthday was a big success and I did really well at food selections. Scale is up a little bit this morning, but I'm blaming sodium. Seeing friends again tonight, and then we'll spend the weekend getting the RV ready to go out to a local campground with a manmade lake. Got my grocery list started, menu is coming together and need to deal with clothes for work and play for 8 days. My Dad is coming so I am upping my menu plan.

QoTD: Our house was also totally gutted and remodeled in 2019, so I still love it a lot. My favorite place is probably the kitchen, followed by my reading space where I get a bit of sunshine and have a super comfy chair to read in.


B: hb egg, 1/4 cottage cheese, EBTB seasoning

L: chicken thigh, roasted corn

D: tbd -- won't be home, but there will be wine.

S: beef jerky or Whisps crackers.

Peace Everyone!

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on 5/14/21 7:13 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

Good Morning Mel and Menuers,

Happy to announce DH had 2nd vaccine this morning. He never wanted it in any way shape or form and we been battling for awhile but it is all said and done and I am happy,

So Someone mentioned tracking a few days ago and I decided that I would track yesterday. Reason being I was afraid that I may not be getting enough protein. I just wanted to see my macros. I ended up with 1256 calories 50 carbs 75 fat 103 protein 2700 Sodium 23 sugar.so I was high on Fat Protein and Sodium but low on sugar. I'm going to take this as a win. I also believe I need higher sodium because of all the water I drink and it helps with my leg cramps.

QOTD: My Kitchen.

Accountability: I did graze but tracked everything.

TSS: 3 years 5 Months 3 days:132.8 (Lowest 129.4)

B: Coffee with SF CM Chocolate Caramel creamer

MS: Premier Café Latte Protein Shake and strawberries

CB: Coffee with SF CM Chocolate Caramel creamer

L: Jimmy Dean Eggwich and snack select

D:Something from a food truck.

Exercise: 3.5 Mile run (Done)

Water and vitamins: On track. I take a Bariatric Advantage Ultra multi w/iron I use bariatric advantage Calcium chews and 500mg of Magnesium. I started a sublingual B12 3x a week

Everybody Have a great weekend..

Brightest Blessings.


This is City Chicken in case you do not know what it is.

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