Surgery on 8/26/13

on 9/3/21 6:34 pm
RNY on 08/26/13

Anyone else coming up on almost a decade since their Surg? I'm curious, what have you noticed differently, long term, since you first did it?

I'be been having some health issues recently and wonder if anyone else can relate. ??????

RNY on 08/26/13; 5'10



on 9/4/21 6:34 am
RNY on 08/26/13

Issues like dry heaving or throwing up foamy bile. Not directly related to eating any specific type of food.

RNY on 08/26/13; 5'10



Citizen Kim
on 9/4/21 12:16 pm - Castle Rock, CO

I'm 17 years out and haven't noticed any changes the further out I get.

I do, and always have, got the "foamies" if I don't chew my food enough, get something stuck or eat certain foods - notably rice, noodles, pork and sometimes hamburger.

I would say any new symptoms should be reported to your PCP for further investigation or your surgeon's office if you're in some type of long term program.

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on 9/4/21 2:06 pm - Sayre, PA
RNY on 05/23/11 with

I'm just over 10 years out and I haven't really noticed any changes at all. Things seem about the same to me as they did the first post-op year.

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on 9/6/21 4:22 pm - Jackson, MS

11 years post op here and the only major issues I've had are with ulcers. I get them really bad and at one point had to have emergency surgery because they became perforated and at through my intenstines and vital organs making me septic. Still havent been able to get them under control unfortunately

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