What's on your (whoops) Thursday! Menu?

Queen JB
on 9/9/21 12:58 am, edited 9/9/21 3:47 am
RNY on 07/20/15

^^Anyone else's body rolling their eyes like mine is this week?^^

Ok yesterday was another long and frustrating day, with an extra helping of some drama on my team to boot. I have a meeting with my new boss today and I need to lay out some boundaries. I had a good fortifying talk with my old awesome boss last night and she reminded me that I have the upper hand right now and helped me brainstorm my asks. Wish me the strength... I need to go in strong!

QOTD: How long have you been a part of the OH community? I started posting on OH well over a decade a go when I had my lap band surgery (different user name) and I was super active on that page, when it was the most popular one on the site (can you even imagine, lol?). The site was full of internet fights and bullies back then and I took a break for about two years when I was really sick from the band because people were soooooo mean to me when I was sick... When I had my revision I swore I would not come back here, but as it turns out the site really changed a lot in that time frame! Haha, thank goodness I gave it another chance and found you guys :)

Not my best food day, ever, but I stayed weirdly way under my calorie goal even though I didn't eat on plan at all. But again, my body was eye rolling at me for the lack of nutrition, hydration and sleep I gave it. Better today!

B: Costco Egg Bite & Protein Coffee

S: Chomps Meat Stick

L: Deli turkey & roast beef roll ups

D: Thin crust cafe pizza

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on 9/9/21 1:40 am - Putnam, CT
Revision on 02/04/15

That's good that you have your old boss to kind of help you out. Definitely set boundaries or people will take full advantage. I can tell you're having a hell of a week since today is Thursday. :)

QOTD: A long time. Like you JB I joined a bit after I got my lapband in 2003. The boards were very active and kind of crazy back then. Some days I miss the craziness and others I kind of like the calmness. The bullying was pretty bad for some, but those bullies are long gone thankfully.

B: Eggs of some sort not sure if I will just grab some pickled eggs and make egg salad or not.

L: Chicken salad stuff cherry peppers. Lord know we have so many peppers.

D: Pork chop and brussel sprouts

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on 9/9/21 6:39 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

I wonder if the bullies are success stories or if they ran away with there tail between there legs?

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White Dove
on 9/9/21 7:52 am

They were a group of DS patients who told us we had the wrong surgery. They did not run away. They were kicked off the site.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

White Dove
on 9/9/21 2:47 am, edited 9/8/21 7:50 pm

I also joined in 2003 when a friend had RNY. I was at a dinner with her and amazed by how much weight she had lost and how little she was able to eat. She told me about OH and I joined out of curiosity. My doctor had suggested RNY and I was intrigued as well as afraid. I wanted to learn as much as I could.

In 2003, there was a really mean group of bullies. When one attacked me mercilessly, some other members came to my defense. I tried to ignore the mean girls and concentrated on learning about the surgery. At the time, OH published an excellent magazine which I subscribed to.

When I had surgery in 2007, my surgeon's office suggested another group. They were also an excellent place to interact with others. I stayed with just their board and did not come back to OH for several years.

When I did come back here, the troublemakers were gone and it was a pleasant place to get help and to try to help others.

QJB: Glad you are getting the air cleared and am sure things are going to be much better. I worked once with a team who had very progressive ideas. Our motto was: When you are on the cutting edge, sometimes you will get cut to ribbons.

I am glad you got help from your old boss and that you are prepared. Fingers crossed for you.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/9/21 3:20 am - Ft Myers, FL
RNY on 06/07/21

Did we skip Thursday this week?

QOTD. I've been here 3 months, since surgery. Good Luck to you JB! They will have u doing 4 Jobs as long as you put up with it.

menu. A little bit of Watermelon, shake, yogurt, Turkey. Physical therapy today, I still ache from the last session, but I am getting stronger.

on 9/9/21 5:12 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I'd be good with skipping right to Saturday...but everyone would have to do it!

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on 9/9/21 3:32 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning Queen JB and menu-ers! I hope your meeting with your boss goes very well and you get some balance and help!

QOTD - 3.5 years; my RD told me about the site about a month before surgery and it's been invaluable. Having a group of people that "get it" is so important. I have a great group of IRL friends that are very supportive but if you know, you know and if you don't, you don't.

I have book club tonight on a book that I HATED so that will be fun plus I have a personal trainer session after work and I have to pick up something to take to the book club so it will be a busy work day and busy evening.

menu is the

usual coffee plus half and half X 3

several slices of bacon

Ratio yogurt

nibbles at book club

Have a great day everyone! Just one more day before the weekend!

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on 9/9/21 6:16 am
RNY on 10/29/19

What book? I'm always just so curious what people are reading and what the like and dislike. I'm reading a collection of short stories by Tom Hanks right now, and so far, really enjoying it! (Please don't let it be the same book you hated! Ha!)

on 9/9/21 7:55 am, edited 9/9/21 12:56 am
RNY on 02/14/18

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. I live her writing but this book did not work for me. I actually gave up reading it which is unusual for a bookclub book for me. I try to embrace that bookclub encourages me to read things I wouldn?t normally pick but this one

HW: 306 SW: 282 CW:144.8 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19), next goal - 132.9


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