What's on your Tuesday Menu?

Amy Liz
on 9/21/21 9:17 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Taking care of parents is no joke - I wish you peace above all else - just breathe. Mine are gone, but Robs are about there right now and we may be taking them in soon.

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White Dove
on 9/21/21 9:59 am - Warren, OH

When people who need anti-anxiety medicines stop taking their pills, it seems like it takes about a month for them to get to the point where they are impossible to live with.

I do think your trip to Italy would have been terrible if your MIL was constantly having panic attacks and calling to tell you about them. I am glad you found out what was causing all of this. If she is back on her medicine and in assisted living, I would just go forward with my original plan and go in two weeks.

My boyfriend in high school has always been very close to his mother. She always has her own home, but moves to be close to where ever he is living. If we had ended up married I would be taking care of her now and she is 107 years old.

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on 9/21/21 1:07 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

How old is your MIL? Has she always been this narcissistic? My mom is just needy and doesn't realize it. She'd rather do things herself but I would rather make sure everything is taken care of. At 83 I do not want her to want for anything. But your right it does take a good amount of time. It bothers DH that I do as much as I do.

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on 9/21/21 4:03 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

she's only 76 (DH is ten years younger than I am), but she has a lot of health problems. Plus she doesn't have much longevity in her family (my family, on the other hand, lives FOREVER!). She's an only child and she didn't have a very happy childhood (her mother was emotionally abusive and had some kind of undiagnosed mental health issue to boot, and her father was basically an absentee parent), so I'm sure that probably contributed to it. So I do understand that. But I don't understand her stopping her meds. although my father did this a few times, too. He was bipolar, and every once in awhile he'd go off his meds, also convinced that they "didn't work", or that he didn't need them anymore. Put the rest of us through hell every time. Yes - they need their meds..

on 9/21/21 4:54 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

Sadly, I think it can be very common for people that have mental health issues to stop their meds. I think there is still so much stigma in some minds about medication for mental health -- these same people wouldn't consider stopping heart pills or bp pills without checking with their doc plus the fact that in many cases they need the meds to keep mentally clear and not being physically well, or having surgery or all the things that get you off schedule and then get the brain chemistry out of sync and the spiral starts. It's very sad. Hopefully now that she's admitted it and your hubby is following up, she'll get back on track.

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Melody P.
on 9/21/21 5:07 pm - TX

My father had paranoid schizophrenia and could never stay on his meds. When they'd work he'd think he was cured. One episode lead him to trying to commit suicide by letting a train hit him. My point is that the worse the mental illness the more they tend to think they don't need it anymore or it isn't working.

I am bipolar and have severe anxiety but the only reason I'd stop taking my meds is if I couldn't afford them or get them. My father did teach me that at least.

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on 9/21/21 5:55 am

hi all - well it was time to pay the piper (weigh on the scale). I gave it a little over a week and I'm up 3.6 pounds so not horrible but also not super great. I also have to factor poo and water into the equation and give a little more grace for having tooth surgery Friday. and not being able to eat most meats due to being too chewy.

QOTD: English, drama, and music. If there were a shopping class I would have been most excellent at that.

food today:

soft foods...

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on 9/21/21 4:04 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

shopping class - LOL!

on 9/21/21 6:10 am

Good morning! Happy Taco Tuesday!

QOTD - Science. Every single science. I loved every single science!

Breakfast - fasting so black coffee, and water

Lunch - salad, somewhere out, adding lots of protein like tofu or falafel

Dinner - vegan nachos compuestos!

Have a great day everyone!


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on 9/21/21 6:14 am
RNY on 08/29/18

Good morning, everybody!

Today is Marilyn's birthday! She is going to Dallas to have lunch with DD. I posted this before, but DD needed her golf clubs to play in a woman's club event and it turned out that it would be approximately the same cost for Marilyn to fly to Dallas with the clubs as to ship them.

So she got up early, drove our youngest to school and headed to the airport. It's a lot of traveling but I think that she is excited to have a day to herself to read as well as lunch with DD. They are going to a seafood place to eat. She should be back home by 8:00 tonight.

Tomorrow is our 31st wedding anniversary. I went to the mall and the first store I saw was LL Bean. Then I remembered that Marilyn talked about wanting a kayak all winter last year. So i decided that a kayak was the present. (not at LL Bean, though). Ran into Barnes and Noble for a few books and a charger and was out of the mall in like 15 minutes flat.

Of course, the kayak is a virtual gift because they are completely out of stock. Which is just as well since they are also out of stock of motor vehicles, so she would have to pick up the virtual kayak in the virtual vehicle. I'm sure it will all come in during the February snows.

QOTD: Accounting was actually my favorite class in high school.

Breakfast: protein bar

lunch: pot roast

Dinner: leftover Flautas

Have a great day, all!

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