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on 10/28/21 9:20 am - Irvine, CA

Due to numerous report posts, we have had to review several posts over the past couple of days. Due to continued violations of our TOS, we have removed those posts due to the violation of the original poster.

The purpose of our public message boards is for the exchange of support, education, and information appropriate for the consumption and use of message boards. Any posts made that are outside the purpose of ObesityHelp will be deleted and/or moved as deemed by ObesityHelp.

Please take note from our TOS: Use of this free service, which is open to public registration, is done so as a privilege and not as a guaranteed right. While we understand that you may disagree with our decisions regarding the removal of posts and moderation of a member's account, from our TOS: All decisions regarding moderation and removal of posts are at the discretion of ObesityHelp.

We value all of our members and our TOS are in place for the education and support of everyone!


Member Services.

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