What's on your Sunday menu?

Amy Liz
on 10/31/21 7:32 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Good morning and Happy Halloween! Yesterday was really nice and relaxing, we had a fire going all day watching football and scary movies. Today we are taking the dogs to the park and then cleaning the house. I really wish we had a house cleaner but Rob won't agree to that. Anyway - Football, my son and his girlfriend may come over later and pass out candy. New neighborhood, so I have no idea what the turn out will be. We have an an enormous bowl of candy and Robs thinks we will run out, I doubt that... Anyway it should be fun.

QOTD - Are there foods that you used to LOVE but can no longer eat? Mine are pasta and rice. I get sick every time. I shouldn't be eating them anyway but now I avoid them willingly!

B- coffee, eggs

l-chicken Cesar

d- chicken primavera alfredo (no pasta!)

Have a great day!!

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on 10/31/21 8:26 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning! Not a lot going on around here for the day time. I'm going to do some prep work for dinner and that's all that is planned so far! Tonight will be birthday celebration, and craziness trick or treating. We've got over 450 pieces of candy. We'll see if we (once again) run out of candy and have to shut the lights off and hide inside.

QoTD: Steak. Ribeye has always been my favorite cut. Now, my stomach hates it. All cuts of it. So I make myself a chicken thigh when the hubs wants a good steak. I feel like that antacid commercial on tv after eating it. You know the one, where the food is fighting back and slapping the person around...


B: jerky and 1oz cheddar cheese

L: not sure, but I'm trying to behave

D: my neighbor is bringing smoked brisket, and I am making baked beans and coleslaw. We also have Hawaiian rolls and a great cheddar to melt on top. I will not eat the rolls, and just have a bit of the the beans. But I'm gonna have me some brisket!!!

Peace Everyone!

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Amy Liz
on 10/31/21 8:49 am
RNY on 11/21/16

I'm totally picturing a huge Ribeye slapping you around right now!

SW 309 CW 170.7 (10/2019) GW 160 LW 150

COVID 45 - 5/31/21 CSW 215.4 CW 207.3 GW 175

on 10/31/21 9:47 am
RNY on 11/22/16

Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday. My kids just left and I'm trying not to be sad and cry, but it's not working. They all came home for the weekend for my birthday. It was wonderful. It never gets easier to say goodbye. Now that I am completely off my depression/anxiety meds, I've been feeling all the feels. ?

QOTD - I'm not a sweets person anymore at all. I used to be the person that would buy a bakery cake and just have it in the fridge before surgery. I had a few bites of my birthday cake on Friday and I was done.

Good for today-

biscuit and gravy ( it's the ugly truth and I'm being accountable)

leftover crab

Ricotta bake

not sure what else. Tomorrow is Nov 1. My goal is to kick it up a notch with my exercise and be stricter with my good choices.

Have a great day everyone.

Amy Liz
on 10/31/21 10:06 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Happy Birthday!!! You are such a sweet mom, hang in there.

SW 309 CW 170.7 (10/2019) GW 160 LW 150

COVID 45 - 5/31/21 CSW 215.4 CW 207.3 GW 175

on 10/31/21 11:06 am
RNY on 06/03/15

G'afternoon, everyone!

I just got back from a coffee date with a friend. I didn't have coffee, though - I had my "breakfast" - a Keto bar and a "mighty bites" Unjury bar. Earlier this morning I had to deal with fall out from an unfortunate comment my MIL made to my niece last night. It was not meant maliciously AT ALL, but that's the way it was taken. So I can kinda see both sides of this. I hate being thrown in the middle of this crap, though. Now my mother is all upset (she didn't even know what was going on until this morning - so she obviously heard the comment but didn't think anything of it at the time), so she must have been talking to my sister this morning, so she (my mom) emailed me to say she doesn't ever want to see my MIL again. ARRRRGGGH. So DH and I are going to have to smooth this all over. Starting World War 3 over some stupid comment that someone misinterpreted is just insane. After these last few weeks, this is really the last thing any of us need to be getting all up in arms about right now.

Nothing else going on today. We didn't prep for trick or treaters, and haven't in a long time, so we'll just turn out the exterior lights tonight and hide. Party poopers!

QOTD: I don't like bananas anymore - too cloying. I also used to love going to Friday night fish fries (which are ubiquitous in Wisconsin), but I can't handle all the grease anymore. If DH wants to go to one, I order something else.

B: coffee with half & half

MS: Keto bar and an Unjury "Mighty Bites" bar

L: miso/chickpea sandwich with cucumber and tomato slices

AS: probably a protein muffin or skyr with fruit

D: ?? I'm thinking 1/2 a Beyond Burger on 1/2 a slim bun with veggies, but I'm not sure..

have a great Sunday, everyone!

White Dove
on 10/31/21 11:58 am - Warren, OH

I am at an age where almost of my crazy in-laws have died. I still can hear some of that drama in my head about who said what to whom.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Melody P.
on 10/31/21 2:16 pm - TX

Hey everyone. Not been a good day. Just not good. But I was able to get a sheet tie dyed for my bed.

qotd: pasta...I can't even eat the alternatives.

food has been not so great.

Sometimes life is like sunshine and rainbows ... other times it's a big steaming pile of . . .well you know what.

Just keep swimming!

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