What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

Queen JB
on 11/12/21 1:09 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Happy FriYAY, gang! I am heading into the office for the first time in a week, so it is more of a Monday for me... I am not looking forward to it at all! I spent some time reading my email yesterday and there is nothing I am looking forward to coming back to...especially with the headache I am bound to have from my poor vision. But one day won't be so bad, right?

Ok I have a few pics today! The first is a pic of one of the many giant trees down in the neighborhood after the storm that hit last week. They already got rid of the huge portion with the branches, but look at the size of the roots! There were dozens of these trees around the neighborhood. I still can't wrap my head around it.

As promised, we decided to be trendy and put up the Christmas Tree, today! Why not? I haven't decorated it yet, but it's down from the attic assembled! That's Fezzik posing underneath. He's pretty happy! And I had to include a picture of Inigo with his new favorite toy, a singing & dancing Christmas mouse :)

QOTD: Speaking of Alexa... what smart devices do you use in your house? We had an Alexa but for some reason it was never was correctly connected and it always thought we were in Connecticut, so it was not helpful for suggestions, at all...no matter how may times we reset it so I haven't used it in years. But we do have a "smart" garage opener and door lock, and about a million smart light switches now, so that can be controlled with the phone. Grim is replacing the outlets and light switches one at a time so we will be completely "smart" in a few years :)

I was just fine with food yesterday and managed to eat like normal. Plan for back to work today:

B: Protein Coffee & Egg

S: Balanced Break

L: Chicken Sausage

D: dunno yet, I would like to go out!

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Melody P.
on 11/12/21 3:14 am - TX

Good mornin everyone!

not much planned for the day. My mom has a doctors appointment and then she wants to go to Sam's.

JB, we put our tree up yesterday! It's only half fluffed right now and amazingly survived the night intact. We'll also start decorating it tonight. The outside is mostly decorated too. We just need to get a battery for the remote that controls the power unit things.

I'm exhausted and not feeling very good to boot. It's going to be a long day.

QOTD: we have security cameras...that's about it!

B: GF waffle, JUST egg, thins slice of cheese and coffee

L: ???

D: pinto beans and probably sour cream

S: ???

I made a collage with most of the pics I wanted to share. The other is just a nightmare! BUT it's also my new Home Screen! LOL

Sometimes life is like sunshine and rainbows ... other times it's a big steaming pile of . . .well you know what.

Just keep swimming!

on 11/12/21 4:41 am
RNY on 02/14/18

That bottom one looks like something that will be in the next James Cameron movie.

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on 11/12/21 7:09 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

You can tell you're related to those kids. And whatever that picture is, it just just scary to me.

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on 11/12/21 9:59 am
RNY on 03/24/21

that last picture is just plain creepy!

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on 11/12/21 4:37 am
RNY on 02/14/18

It's Fri-yay! and I am so tired my only goal is to get through the work day and fold my laundry while watching mindless TV tonight! (auto correct changed Fri-yay to fro-yay and now I want frozen yogurt).

Fezzik and Inigo are so cute! Fun that your tree is already up! I bought some solar light strings for the yard that I'll put up when I do decorate, plus I have a Christmas baby Yoda and some other things. I won't do it until I get home after Thanksgiving though. I did buy my first full size tree last year on after the holiday sale so I'm excited about that one. I"m going to put my small fiberoptic one in my office with me so I have it during the day:-)

I have to wrap all the family gifts this weekend so that's on the agenda, meeting friends for dinner tomorrow and to see the Eternals (which is getting horrible reviews so I'm mentally prepping myself for a so bad it's good movie?)

My pictures are a few from the Immersive Van Gogh and one of random flowers that I saw walking to a restaurant on Monday. I love unexpected beauty.

QOTD - My thermostat and my garage door are smart but that's it. I am thinking about getting some of the smart plugs/bulbs for the outdoor carriage lights because I'd like to make them color changing for the different holidays but haven't done it yet.

Menu today

Coffee plus half and half X3

Ozery with PB

cottage cheese with pistachios, maybe some currants

dinner will either be a RGF entree or the last of the hand pies from the Scottish festival

Have a fantastic Friday everyone and wonderful weekend!

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Melody P.
on 11/12/21 5:30 am - TX

We still have morning glories as well....just crazy!

l so wish that exhibit would come close to Amarillo!

Sometimes life is like sunshine and rainbows ... other times it's a big steaming pile of . . .well you know what.

Just keep swimming!

on 11/12/21 4:56 am, edited 11/11/21 10:03 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

my brother spent the night at my mom's last night, so it's a normal morning. I'm planning to go to Aqua Zumba at 9:00 (and I may go early and get some of the weights out of the way, too - and do the rest later on this afternoon). I have my film discussion group over lunch. We're meeting at a Middle Eastern restaurant that's changed hands since I was last there - menu is completely different and they've added a bakery, so I'm looking forward to checking it out. I'm sure the fam is planning some kind of dinner out, but I'll likely skip it since I'm going out to lunch. Bro will be here for several more days, so there are other opportunities...

QOTD: we're pretty much luddites. It took us forever to even get smart phones. I decided after my 80-something mother got a smart phone that it was probably time that we did, too.

B: plain skyr with 1/2 cooked, diced apple and SF "maple" syrup. Coffee with half & half (this is a new coffee I got from Aldi. It's good but...good Lord...they must have put extra caffeine in it!)

MS: I'll probably have something solid since the film group doesn't meet until 12:30, which means lunch won't come to the the table to closer to 1:00. So maybe a protein muffin?

L: I'm thinking a chicken shawarma wrap or chicken shawarma served on top of hummus (as opposed to on top of rice). In either event, will bring half of it home

AS: protein shake

D: probably the other half of whatever I get for lunch

there are pictures I've posted this week on Facebook. One is from the luncheon yesterday (the women's hockey coach from our university was the speaker - she's in the yellow sweater. I'm in the gray sweatshirt, which I bought for the occasion (and plan to wear to the hockey games, too). I was waiting for a photo op with her). The others are of one of my cats. They were re-posted from earlier - we couldn't find him anywhere that night - but then eventually found him up in the kitchen cabinets.

on 11/12/21 6:17 am
RNY on 08/29/18

I like that sweatshirt!

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White Dove
on 11/12/21 5:50 am, edited 11/11/21 9:51 pm - Warren, OH

I did not buy Alexa when it was new. I bought one about a year ago, partly because they had a model with a pretty lilac cover that goes well in one of my bedrooms. I will have to pay someone to change the light switches, so for now just have wifi lights or wifi switches connected to lamps.

But I can't do that with enclosed fixtures, so I am planning to get all the needed swithes as well as a thermostat and then schedule a electrician visit. I just ordered shades for my family room that will run with Alexa. One window has three separate shades that are a hassle to get all even when I open them. Another window is too high to reach the controls properly. So I looking forward to just saying "Alexa open the shades" instead of always trying to get them all looking even.

As far as things where I need directions of recommendations like for restaurants, I find SIRI is just better for that. Alexa has some interesting features and can give some amusing answers but can also be confusing. I am also going to look into locks. Because I am not good at doing things like that and my boyfriend is a luddite who still has a flip phone, I have to find people and pay to get those kind of things done. He would be perfectly capable of doing it, but would complain about how lazy people are who use them.

Fezzik with his Christmas mouse is adorable and should be on a calendar.

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