Saturday Menu and Planned Exercise

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on 11/27/21 2:27 am
RNY on 01/01/14

Shockingly I KEEP much better care of myself since I made my comfort and good health my priority.
It's almost like a spiral ever higher ... I don't forget to reward myself ( if only with rest and alternatives to excess food) and the better I feel the harder I seem to work the next day to get to the next goal.

I did everything suggested last nite to sleep ( short of a hot bath which probably OK also works great OK great- no food after 8 pm , herbal tea, sitting in my new cozy big chair with my feet on a ( tiny fake fireplace) heater .... my new tv watching and tea drinking spot ! I also darkened the room , went through an extensive nightly routine ( teeth, hair, skincare) , changed into clean pajamas .... and it miraculously WORKED!!!

Early breakfast- the filling and a few bites of phyllo of half of a small spinach /cheese spiral

,chai tea w milk

Lunch or Brunch I think will be chicken breast Marsala w some veggies n a potato croquette.
Hopefully dinner will be some sort of vegetarian salad with fat free dressing and an skinny cow ice cream sandwich.

Exercise wise I hope to walk this afternoon ( perhaps to and from a local but fairly far away hot yoga class which I also hope to take ) . Continuing to improve apartment ...need patience to get estimates from contractors and shop for supplies and tools .

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