What's on your Cyber Monday Menu and Exercise?

(deactivated member)
on 11/29/21 5:50 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I had a pretty good day yesterday diet n exercise wise - the only substitution and extras were a couple of pieces of sushi at lunch and an ikea child's plate for dinner as I was there ( Swedish meatballs and two zucchini- potato cakes) . I walked for well over four hours shopping so I definitely got my miles in .

Today I have to start out with starting a case against my landlord housing court because my eighty year totally inadequate electrically pre-war NYC apartment blows the apartment fuse ( and eventually ruins my expensive appliances grr) every night and day - sometimes three times in ten minutes. This guy promised the court four years ago that he would renovate the electric and then he did nothing . Now a $ 1799 brand new IKEA refrigerator is no longer cooling -I can't tell you how many chargers it has destroyed and of course there's my new tv . I can't even use a tiny space heater without getting left in the dark !

Then I have to find the best deal with fast internet ( ... ( my phone hotspot does NOT work

with an 85 inch TVs demands ) . So there's another huge expense I didn't plan for .

so far breakfast was fat free scrambled eggs w ff cheese ketchup n hot sauce and a slice of spinach mushroom Stromboli ( and half test orange juice and chai tea latte )

lunch - I'll take some tuna salad sliders with me and some fat free dressing in case I can buy a salad in the courthouse.

dinner - perhaps chicken Marsala or Caribbean ribs / rice n peas and jerk chicken . Snacks - fat free coleslaw , blackberries.