What's on your Tuesday Menu?

Queen JB
on 11/30/21 1:28 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Hiya, friends! I did it! I resigned from my job yesterday!!!!!!!!! It was hard and awkward and the chief of my department is now actively not speaking to me, which feels...not great. But I can endure anything for 9 more days, right?

Did we talk about the fact that I am taking a few weeks off between jobs? Squeee! I have the most aggressive travel bug right now, but this stupid Omicron variant has me scared, so I am going to sit on my hands and just try to enjoy another epic staycation. Maybe we will rent a fancy AirBnB somewhere in Maine for a few nights or something, but that's it, I guess. Sigh.

QOTD: Have you seen any great sales recently? I love the website www.domestika.org . They offer adult ed crafting classes on just about every subject and I have enjoyed many. The classes are usually $44 but today they are $10 so I got a few for myself, and a few as gifts for others :)

Food was 100% on point all day, but when I came home, Grim had some yummy warm bread for me, so I had that and a glass of wine instead of dinner. Seriously. I need to stop.

B: Protein Coffee & TJs Eggwich

S: HB Egg

L: 2 TJs Turkey Meatballs

S: Cheddar Cheese & Apple Slices

D: Insides of a Chicken Verde Burrito

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on 11/30/21 1:53 am - Putnam, CT
Revision on 02/04/15

Woo Hoo JB that's great and screw that chief they know how much work they are going to have to do because you are gone.

Have you been to the Mansions in Newport at Christmas time? I know when I took my mom the Summer of 2020 they had very good precautions in place. Might be something fun to do.

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Queen JB
on 11/30/21 4:03 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Yes! We actually took Cynthia (NYmom) pre-pandemic and it was lovely. That's a nice idea :)

  • High Weight before LapBand: 200 (2008)
  • High Weight before RNY: 160 (2015)
  • Lowest post-op weight: 110 (2016)
  • Maintenance Weight: 120 (2017-2019)
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Melody P.
on 11/30/21 3:10 am - TX

Yay for a brighter future ahead for you JB! I wish your boss was more of an adult! I know it's not easy but it's so exciting for you! AND the time off is just so great!

Thank you all for the responses to my cricut project! I made some poinsettia ornaments yesterday that I'll post Friday with a few other things I've made.

I rescheduled my appointment with the pain management NP for Friday...the soonest I could get in. Shockingly the T4's aren't helping. I forgot a dose yesterday with the kids here and I couldn't even tell. I know the opioid issue is real...I really do...but it feels like they are punishing those *****ally need relief. I don't want to be high I just would like to not feel as much pain as I am. I'm so so tired. I also think I need a better muscle relaxer. My feet and calves have been in an almost constant state of cramps. I'm not sure what's causing it other than my back issues. I've tried Gatorade, supplements and the stuff you rub on your muscles...forget the names of it. No relief.

I think the only plans for the day ar the thrift store. I have to wash the shirts I'm going to do for the kids and my SIL. I'm going to do a Star Wars one for my brother but had to order the shirts. He has to have tall sizes. He is 6'5". He is a Boba Fett fan so I'm doing that skull thing(forgive my lack of knowledge). I may also do a different one...just haven't decided yet. The kids will be a unicorn, Pokémon and a chihuahua...LOL my SIL is a librarian and a Barbie fan.

QOTD: last week Michaels had a great sale on Cricut accessories 40% off. I got almost all that I needed. I could use a few more mats with the light stick but that's it. I also found some vinyl at the dollar tree to play with. Also got a coupon in the mail for woman within. They tend to have longer shirts and shoes that fit me...50 off a 100$ purchase or 100 off of 200$. I may break down and get some shoes.

Food is up in the air as usual lately.

B: JUST egg, cheese and coffee

L: ??? Maybe a hamburger patty and a slice of bread...with tomato and lettuce

D: ???

S: ???

White Dove
on 11/30/21 4:36 am - Warren, OH

For foot and leg cramps, I rub on some Aspercreme. It is quick and easy. The one with lidocaine works even better but the original works for me. One of the fads on Tic Tok is to put Aspercreme with liidocaine on their feet and then they can wear stilleto heels for hours with no discomfort. It numbs their feet.

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on 11/30/21 6:00 am - Putnam, CT
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Melody have you tried CBD tinctures/oils for the pain? There is no THC in them so you don't get high from it. Some you can ingest and others you can rub on.

My husband has a medical marijuana card here in CT and one time he went to the dispensery complaing about is back pain. He likes to get high as he had smoked weed for years, but the kind the guy gave him was pretty much all CBD and he went a few days with hardly any pain. I was surprised he didn't complain he wasn't getting high, but the pain relif to him outweighed him being stoned. LOL

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H.A.L.A B.
on 11/30/21 8:11 am

Delta 8 is legal on a federal level , no card needed, just a permission from my doc. I use the tincture, oil tincture before bed. It knocks me out. But at lest I can sleep.

CBD doesn't work for me. I tried so many, even the very concentrated, organic, for like $175 or 1/2 ml. Yes, its not wrong. 175 for 1/2ml.

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on 11/30/21 6:15 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

I am so sorry about your pain. As you know DH experiences the same thing as you. He says the opioids do not kill the pain they just get him so stoned he doesn't care he has pain. He only takes Advil and deals with the pain. He said he'd rather have a clear head. Did you try the Leg cramp pills Kelly always suggest for cramps? I know they have worked for me. I hope you find some relief soon. Your always in my prayers.

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on 11/30/21 4:01 am
VSG on 08/09/21

QJB - congrats on your resignation and it's too bad the chief of the department has decided to behave that way.

I have been in a funk lately and it really got me low yesterday. I know it will pass, one foot in front of the other, yada, yada, yada. My eating yesterday was on point though so I got that going for me.

QOTD: I really didn't see any great sales this year besides some cheap TVs, which I talked myself out of buying since my 10 year old set is still kicking. Although, I did get all of my holiday shopping done so that's one less thing to think about.

B: Dannon light and fit coconut yogurt, banana, TJ cold brew, with sf vanilla, stevia, unsweetened almond milk

L: Chicken Salad

D: 1/2 greenridge ham sandwich, 35cal bread and a few pepper jack cheese crisps.

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on 11/30/21 4:30 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I got as far as "oh, I could pick that TV up at the store" when I reminded myself that there's nothing wrong with my TV and I backed away from the laptop.

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