What's on your Saturday menu?

Melody P.
on 12/4/21 3:24 am - TX

good Saturday mornin everyone!

So my appointment went eh yesterday. I had to see a different NP because they accidentally overbooked my regular one. They changed me to Lori-tabs but they couldn't get the preauthorization until Monday. I had 4 T4's left so this weekend is gonna be special. Gawd I wish I could do some edibles right now. I don't like smoking pot but I'd even do that now...if I could. They still haven't approved surgery. Anyway...the NP was pissed when I told him pretty much everything they prescribed me had to have the preauthorization. He ended up doing a bit of a rant about how these companies are ridiculous. I nodded along with him on everything. People who abuse these drugs have made damn near impossible to have relief for those that need it! Ugh. It was cathartic to have a rant along with someone who understood...LOL

No big plans for the day. I think it's possible my mom may want to go to Walmart. I've made two shirts for her so far and I want to make myself another shirt too. I found an octopus with a Santa hat on that I have to have! Last night I made a shirt for me that has a Santa and sleigh being pulled by cats...it is so cute. Might take a picture today and show y'all tomorrow. I made a big batch of snowflakes yesterday so I need to put them together. I want to make some lanterns too...I am so enjoying this craft! Since chainmaille causes me more pain it's on the shelf for a bit. It really made me sad but finding a creative outlet I can do is awesome!

QOTD: When you're bored what is your go to to fix it?

I struggle with this. I am a big time boredom eater. It's when I tend to graze like a big ol' cow. I could use some tips! Since I can't really be active I can't use exercise like I used to do.

B: JUST egg, Muenster cheese, green onion and coffee

L: not sure yet. Prob the lean cuisine cauliflower pizza I've got left in the freezer

D: smoked salmon! So excited for this! Might do some creamed spinach

S: roasted seaweed, cheese and maybe a GF cookie.

Just keep swimming!

on 12/4/21 4:03 am, edited 12/4/21 9:19 am
RNY on 09/01/12

Good Morning!

I used to be a constant eater ?the habit dates back to self medicating internal pain from a hiatal hernia birth defect ( fixed w WLS) and just a lifetime of comforting myself with an excess food high.

It?s eased now many years post op but I still often find myself tired and full but unable to relax ?

What I found works well for me is a tiny little fake fireplace space heater I turn in by my easy chair in front of the tv ?the heat is very soothing and relaxing and the ? flames ? make the room feel cozy .

I also make and drink herbal teas which have the added benefit of making the apartment smell good . Baths and reading in the bath works too? and of course playing with and cuddling with pets.

Dinner ( late ) last nite - 3/4 cup of diluted ( half-fat) commercial New England clam chowder diluted with fresh made chicken soup and fat free half n half . Caesar salad w yogurt Caesar dressing ( 2 grams of fat per tablespoon) and two types of shrimp ( cilantro lime and ceviche both from Costco)

Early breakfast - homemade ff nachos - blue corn tortillas shaken up with Mac n cheese seasoning and baked until crisp ?,drizzled w ? ff velveeta? ( ff American cheese slices, ff half n half and Mac n cheese seasoning ) dipped in fresh salsa and fat free refried beans , ff sour cream , fresh salsa verde and guacamole . Chai tea latte .

two tiny tangerines

Lunch - ( out n about ) large slice of pepperoni pizza . Handful of kumquats .

Dinner - found myself in Jackson Heights, a truly Indian Pakistani Nepalese Bangladeshi and Mexican neighborhood. You can get GREAT food there but all the buffets closed due to Covid.

So I ended up just buying Indian groceries to cook at home and snacked on a chicken samosa and a coconut concoction filled pancake I thought was a lentil crepe filled with spiced potato ( looked exactly the same ) ate about half of that .

I?m making sleepy time tea now to mix with ff powdered milk stevia and warmed up lite eggnog ? maybe I'll have a small salad if I feel hungry .

snacks - maybe lowfat commercial ginger snaps , perhaps a lowfat ice cream pop and/or fruit

Busy day today but I hope to fit in a walk and a stretch / baby rug yoga

on 12/4/21 6:28 am, edited 12/3/21 10:33 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' Weekenders!

DH is taking his mom to the ER this morning. She's got something going on that's related to the bowel resection she had back in August (her intestine has moved into the empty space that was left, I think is how she put it - and is kind of looped around). She has a CT scan scheduled for Dec 16, so evidently they think, at this point anyway, that it's not critical, but she's been so freaked out about it that she wants to go to the ER, thinking they'll go ahead and do the scan today. I'm sure they're not going to be happy and the ER will probably be backed up for hours due to all the COVID patients, but whatever. Once she gets her mind set on something, there's no changing it. So this could muck up our plans for today. Most importantly, we were going to go to the women's hockey game this afternoon, but last night I recruited a friend to go with me *just in case* (and the friend is planning to go even if it turns out DH can come, so it should work out either way - or at least as far as the hockey game goes!). Other than that, I'm still planning to go over to the gym to exercise today. There's a Zumba class at 9:00 and a WERQ class at 10:00, so I'll go to one of those (both are available virtually, too - so that's another option - although I'm more likely to stick with it for the whole hour if I go in person).

QOTD: I eat when I'm bored, too, so this is a constant challenge for me. I decided the other day that I simply HAVE to get out of the house in the late afternoons, which is my worst time. Yesterday I went over to the public library and spent some time in the computer lab looking up info on the person I'm a legal guardian for. I was told she has no family - but that's not true. I discovered she has two living siblings, and several nieces and nephews. I also spent some time in the children's dept reading one of the Oz books (saw the movie for the umpteenth time on Thanksgiving - and decided to re-read some of the books in the series that I'd read as a kid), and then ended up checking some of them out. They have a bunch of big, cushy chairs in front of a fireplace in their "quiet reading room", so sometime this week I'll go over there and read magazines or something in front of the fire. Other things I've done - go grocery shopping (maybe not the best idea when I'm in a grazing mood, but it sometimes works), run various errands. I also try to sign up for things like Zoom programs during the day (although that doesn't always work since I'm still in my house). Or go to the gym or go out biking - but like you said, that doesn't work for you..

B: plain skyr with fruit compote, coffee with half & half

MS: iced protein latte made with Fairlife and SF syrup

L: one of those egg white/turkey sausage/cheese muffin breakfast sandwiches (either Real Good or Jimmy Dean's - I have a box of both in the freezer)

AS: I'll be at the hockey game. One advantage of DH NOT coming is he always buys a tub of popcorn, which is hard for me to keep my hands out of. Either way, I'll take a protein bar along...

D: 1/2 a vegan "chicken" burger on 1/2 a slim bun with tzatziki sauce and tomato slice, some kind of vegetable

have a great day, everyone!

White Dove
on 12/4/21 10:12 am - Warren, OH

Hope everything goes OK with the MIL. That sounds awful.

When you do classes at the gym and pool, do people wear a mask?

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 12/4/21 11:17 am
RNY on 06/03/15

masks are required everywhere in the facility except for in the pool, where they're optional (I wear them for water fitness classes (some of us do, although most don't), although it'd be weird to swim in them, which is probably why they made them optional in the pool...). Starting Monday, the gym will be for vaccinated people only three days a week. Thank God! I'll only be going on those three days, esp now with the virus picking up again.

on 12/4/21 11:19 am
RNY on 06/03/15

also - our county is 79% vaccinated - and the rate is 95% for those over 65. I only go during the day when it's almost all seniors, so I do feel pretty safe between that plus the mask mandate....and I'll even feel safer once they add in the three-day-a-week-vaccinated-only rule...

White Dove
on 12/4/21 2:58 pm - Warren, OH

Probably 50% anti-vaxers around here. Makes it scarier.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 12/4/21 4:15 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

a lot of Wisconsin is like that. That's why I rarely leave Dane County...

on 12/4/21 7:26 am

Good Morning!

I also tend to eat out of boredom, myself, so I understand.

I'm eating strange stuff, for early Saturday..lol Salad for breakfast it is! I have been up since 4, so its sorta like lunch.

I have 2 cups of green leaf lettuce, radishes, 1 oz of shredded cheddar, 5 large green olives and 4 oz of tenderloin steak, with stonewall kitchen greek dressing...yummy

Have a wonderful week-end!


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on 12/4/21 8:23 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Good morning! It's chilly here this morning and I am wearing a sweatshirt. YAY!!! For you guys that get real weather all the time, I know it's know big deal, but I LOVE sweater weather! Need to do a few errands today and then we have show tickets today. My Fair Lady. We'll follow that up by wandering around downtown and finding a place for a nice dinner. It's our anniversary this weekend, and while we are not officially celebrating that until next weekend with a trip to the Getty Museum, any excuse for a nice meal out works for us. So yeah, I'll go light on food all day and enjoy a date night tonight.

I did great on my food choices yesterday. Until the friend came over and the wine came out. Wouldn't protein wine be an awesome thing? LOL,

QoTD: Melody, you must have been reading my thoughts. I was muttering to myself yesterday as I was working and eating I wonder if anyone else on OH says out loud "you are not hungry, you are bored. You are not hungry, you are bored" over and over to try and stop myself from selecting M&M's or eat some chips.

B: cottage cheese with a piece of chicken

L: leftover chicken, piece of sharp cheddar cheese

D: tbd.

Peace Everyone!

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