Recent bypass- are my symptoms normal?

on 12/6/21 10:40 am
RNY on 11/16/21

Hi everyone. Looking for support -surgery was 11/16. First week after was amazing. Met fluid and protein goals, felt good. Then my husband brought home a stomach flu! I caught it, got over it, but nothing is the same, as I'm now having gastric symptoms. I've now just stared soft solids. At least once a day, I suddenly get a huge burning sensation along with nausea. Lasts seconds that seem like forever, then I'm gassy, belching and....upset. Surgeon doesn't seem worried. I'd feel better if I knew some others had these symptoms, and that they eventually calmed down. Thanks so much. Weights already down from high of 324 to297.

on 12/6/21 1:30 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

It is all trial and error at this point. You may just not be tolerating what your trying to put in. Always remember you can always go back to the stage before if you feel you can not tolerate the next step. Log what your eating to see if it is only certain foods. Eliminate them and try them again in a couple weeks. Once you find the ones that work stick with it. Yes this is very normal when moving through the different menus. I tried scrambled eggs as my first solid food and it end up taking 2 years before I could eat scrambled but I could eat over easy. Congratulations on your success. You got this just be patient with the food.

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on 12/6/21 1:42 pm - Warren, OH

You may have irritated your pouch, especially if you vomited. Try a liquid diet for a few days and see if the symptoms resolve. I was put on Prilosec for the first six weeks.

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on 12/7/21 3:59 am

I agree with the other two posters. One it is all trial and error at this point and two you very well could have irritated your pouch. The advice by both of them is exactly what I would suggest as well. Go back to your phase prior to when the symptoms began, start incorporating foods on your post op diet phase back in and see how you tolerate them. Everyone is different in so many ways and this could be just a minor irritation that happened from eating something that didn't sit well with your pouch to something you won't tolerate until further out. I still can't tolerate broccoli without pain and I love the stuff. Try not to over worry unless you have immense pain, bleeding or inability to keep foods/liquids down.

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