Sunday Menu n Planned Activities ( Including Finally Driving ! )

on 12/19/21 5:08 am, edited 12/19/21 9:29 pm
RNY on 09/01/12

Yes its really embarrassing.. its like I can and t get out of the house even though my parents are flying in from Europe today ( on the other end of the country) and Christmas is just days away.

I did buy myself a great birthday gift - quite expensive but less so than three weekly cleanings . I have one of these in Florida already and boy does it work great - its a vacuum / mopper/ scrubber floor cleaning machine and it does it all at the same time ! Its great for cleaning tile and grout and kitchen messes and so forth .

I also made yet another trip to IKEA and need to unload the overstuffed car ( praying it didnt get again broken into like it did last week and four times in the last two months ! These local dope fiends are Out of Control lol!!!

Getting the apartment and plants ready and loading the car is proving pretty hard because of the limp and the boot ( and the pain!!! ) but Im DETERMINED to leave this morning after hanging Xmas decorations trying my cleaner and loading up the prepared food into my new ice chests .

B - Chai tea latte, leftover zucchini spears w marinara , two large baked clams ( commercial) and maybe some Greek salad after I make it.

S- broiled asparagus spears with fat free bearnaise sauce - yum! Watermelon chunks

L- 2 small skewers eye round beef satay broiled more grilled asparagus w bearnaise and 6 Cooper Street one gram fat biscotti so far . Chai tea latte .

Its almost four pm so I doubt Ill be able to start today but I already bought ice thats going to melt overnight in the car grrr

s- pistachio Yasso bar ( 3 grams fat )

D- thinking Greek salad w all the fixins ? Romaine . cut up stuffed grape leaves , fat free feta , artichokes 2 ways marinated and grilled , hot pickled radishes and fat free blue cheese dressing

Actually ate reheated homemade Tom Ka Gai ( Thai chicken coconut soup w vegetables

1/2 pecan cranberry roll ( large ) with Polish sour cherry preserves ( low sugar)

Midnite snack - 1/2 container fat free cottage cheese w scallions . A couple of spoonfuls of tabouleh salad

long hot bubble bath with lavender bubbles and Epsom salts and candles ( what I really wanted - not more food n tv lol

Herbal tea latte