Monday Morning Planned Menu n Activities

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on 12/20/21 4:57 am, edited 12/20/21 5:02 am
RNY on 09/01/12

Today is Driving Day !!!! 27 hours ! . So halfway across the country without a co- driver to share the burden .
But its a LOT safer than sharing canned air ( and germs ) with everyone on a plane. ( I know young healthy friends who caught Covid on planes so NOO )

Breakfast - I usually indulge in one of those giant cheap burritos at the first rest stop . So Im proactively going to make healthy egg white and fat free American cheese fluffy eggs and serve them with leftover rice n beans sour cream salsa verde and pico de Gallo . Chai tea latte, fresh squeezed tangerine n mango juice .

S- probably fresh smoked mozzarella and smoked scamorza slices . Roasted Brussels sprouts with sesame oil and everything seasoning ( yum! )

L- Greek Salad w fat free blue cheese dressing , Whitefish Filet Francais with fat free garlic wine lemon and fat free cream sauce

s - I bet a fat free road milkshake will jump in - and I have a thousand types of candy ( mostly fat free jellybeans or gummy bears ) in the car - I usually chew and spit ( gross but keeps me from dumping and a return of my diabetes )

D - tbd maybe a Chinese buffet or I can choose to eat healthy from my variety of homemade offerings warmed up ( microwaved) in a Hampton Inn. I DID pack plates and aluminum foil !