Fourth Day of Christmas Menu n Exercise

on 12/28/21 4:15 am, edited 12/28/21 2:27 pm
RNY on 09/01/12

I watched ( more like slept thru ) an actually VERY interesting PBS program with Lucy Wolesley? explaining the twelve days of Christmas tradition and enacting how they were celebrated in medieval England and in Henry VIII time .

Sorry so little stuck but Im SURE today MATTERS lol . If only for following new resolutions.

I cleaned all day yesterday and Thank God the TVs didnt get delivered cuz I found tons of hardly hidden cash in the couch lol the delivery guys probably would have discovered instead and happily taken . God ! Messy apartments !!

Swimming with the Rents shortly but now its confession time .

Two large boxes of cheap red wine jumped in my cart at the grocery store yesterday afternoon after I SWORE no more drinking alone .. ever.

It got to be a really nasty and self destructive indulgence during Covid and the messy apartments Im finally organizing and spring cleaning now just reflect my addled and depressed mental state (which alcohol does NOTHING to help by the way - it just FEELS like it does grrr)

Its not that I think I have a problem with any substance per se its more ME - lazy, bored procrastinating.

I also bought a BUNCH of healthy food without having pre cleaned the refrigerator like Im paranoid about being left hungry. I really am a food hoarder which is seriously WEIRD.

At least Im no longer a FAT one lol!

Early Breakfast ( I usually get up well before dawn n STARVING - half a huge baked breadcrumb lemon juice and freeze dried butter stuffed baked ( fat free) artichoke . Skim Chai tea latte w sugar free syrup .

S- maybe fresh blackberries and/or a piece of homemade morello cherry or peach lowfat crumb pie a la mode or a piece of pecan/ raisin/ peach homemade strudel.

L - was planning to make seafood paella but seafood from my freezer SMELLS so maybe Hungarian style meatloaf provided I retrieve my breadcrumbs and meatloaf spices from the Rents kitchen . Have Chinese style baby eggplant n fresh spinach purée to serve with and lowfat Caesar salad .

Midafternoon snack ( eaten) 2-3 ounces lite 75 sharp cheddar cheese ( 2.5 grams fat per ounce ) and baked potato loaded w freeze dried fat free butter solids , fat free sour cream and scallions

excercise was 45 minutes swimming laps including Butterfly so ... not so bad :)

D- probably salad or fat free cottage cheese w scallions

S- homemade fat free caramel / vanilla flan

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