What's your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

Queen JB
on 12/31/21 1:40 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Happy New Year's Eve! Wishing you all a great end to the year and a fantastic start to 2022!

Anyone doing anything fun tonight? I am going to be boring, as usual. My bestie is coming over today and we are going to just hang and craft and watch movies, and we are going to do a game night tonight. I have a new Hallmark Christmas version of Monopoly to break in, lol :) She's sleeping over so we can keep her off the road, but there is literally no way I'll be awake after 10pm, since I have been up since 2:30am.

Here are my random pics today! The first is my friend's cat who I visited with yesterday. He's so handsome and posed so nicely for me :) Any my guys were "helping" me reorganize my craft room.

I made a diorama of the leftover Christmas candy, haha. I think maybe I am bored enough that it it time to go back to work?

QOTD: Ugh, I hate this, but let's do it... Do you have a New Year's Resolution? It's a good time for me to do it because I am also starting the new job, so I am hopeful to have some healthier routines in place right off the bat. First and foremost, I am resolving to get back to exercising every day. I don't think it will really change my weight, but I want to get my cardio health back up. And I am also resolving to be better at hydration. I drink less than a hummingbird and it's so stupid and easily resolvable!

B: Coffee & homemade Egg Bites

S: Fage Cherry

L: Tuna Melt on Low Carb Tortilla & Air Fried Zucchini

D: Homemade Tilapia Tacos & Mojitos

I also have chips & salsa and cocoa as our "treats" for game night. I'll try not to go too hard on them.

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  • High Weight before RNY: 160 (2015)
  • Lowest post-op weight: 110 (2016)
  • Maintenance Weight: 120 (2017-2019)
  • Battling Regain Weight: 135 (current)

Melody P.
on 12/31/21 1:55 am - TX

Oh my! I love alllll the kitties!

Not much planned for the day. One of my friends lives in Superior, CO and had to evacuate. It's so sad...she doesn't know if she still has a house. Her entire household got out so I am thankful for that and I can only pray that no one lost their lives. Scary stuff!

We have to go to the grocery store and other than that we'll be staying home. I'm really not feeling great with my back. It's just not comfortable to lay down or sit. Something is up with my tailbone area. I'm over it. I was once again overly optimistic even though I tried not to be. It's just 10 or so days out so hopefully things will still get better.

QOTD: to be more forgiving of myself. To be healthier.

B: JUST egg, slice of gf bread and cheese...of course coffee

L: beef roast, gf tortilla, sour cream and cheese

D: not sure

S: gf waffle and ???

my pics are mostly memes that made me chuckle.

on 12/31/21 6:06 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I'm glad your friend is safe.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


Melody P.
on 12/31/21 7:17 am - TX

I'm glad you are safe as well...I'm sure the smoke is horrible and I pray y'all get a lot of snow. We are super dry(down slope of y'all in the Texas Panhandle...Amarillo to be exact) but we don't have the terrain that y'all do...makes it a lot harder to fight. I hate La Niña years.

on 12/31/21 7:21 am
RNY on 02/14/18

The wind is not blowing today so that will help too. They couldn't get the planes up until about 8 last night.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


on 12/31/21 6:47 am
RNY on 08/29/18

We have been following the fires, so scary. I think that they are still pretty far from Golden.

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Melody P.
on 12/31/21 7:14 am - TX

It's scary stuff...my other friend in Boulder was just west of the fire. She was very close to it.

on 12/31/21 7:18 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Golden is safe! There were some closures on 93 because of winds and smoke (and at least one truck that blew over but no emergency crews available to help so they left it, justifiably). I got a little nervous when they put rocky flats on the prep to evacuate zone. I cannot imagine the chemical mayhem.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


on 12/31/21 1:58 am
RNY on 09/30/20

Good Morning!

happy New Years Eve friends! I wish you all health and happiness in 2022!
I did buy a cricut maker and a heat press.. both should be here sometime this week. Woohoo!

QOTD: not resolutions.. but these are my areas of focus

  1. hydration (64oz a day, minimum)
  2. consistency with the gym (4-5 days per week)
  3. saying 'no' (no to extra hours, or things that I just don't want to do)
  4. be better with money (buy less clothing and be mindful of food waste, create another 'emergency fund')
  5. Ideally, I'd like to shed another 10lbs in 2022 and keep all of it off.

b: fairlife latte, egg whites, salsa, cheddar, avocado

s: yogurt, PB, protein powder, raspberries

l: leftover chicken korma

s: tbd

d: tbd

Surgery 09/30/20

CW: 147.6 |SW: 221.6 |HW: 255

Learning my new normal, one day at a time.

on 12/31/21 4:09 am
RNY on 11/22/16

Good morning everyone. My sleep schedule is so messed up. I did manage to sleep until 2:45 this morning. I don't know how to fix it. Is this a middle age thing, hormones or is it just me?

I am looking forward to going back to work next week. I miss my routine. I find it's easier to stay on plan when I am not at home.

It's just going to be my husband and I tonight. The weather hasn't been great, so my kids aren't coming home.

QOTD- I want to lose 30 lbs this year and get my tummy tuck. I was just looking at FB memories from 4 years ago. I looked so good! I also want to continue to work with my counselor and deal with my anxiety and PTSD. It has been debilating, the past 2 years. I would also like to start running.

Food plan for today-

Fritatta with ham, onion, spinach, and red bell peppers

chicken stir fry with lots of vegetables ( My daughter bought me a Thai cookbook and I am enjoying it)

Steak that I didn't eat last night. I will probably make some Kabobs

Stay safe everyone. I hope everyone enjoys their night.