New Years Eve Last Day of 2021 Menu n Exercise

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on 12/31/21 7:47 am, edited 12/31/21 8:16 am
RNY on 09/01/12

Oh My Gosh I cant believe 2021 is already over !

Time really DOES speed up as you age !

I feel super tired and unmotivated today probably cuz I HAVE to work ( cant put it off any longer) and Im SO lazy and easily bored .. ugh

Ive also been up n down all nite - the ankle hurts and itches I get an hours sleep and Im back up barely awake

Early breakfast was fat free/ sugar free Chai tea latte and the remainder of that large breadcrumb stuffed ( but fat free ) baked artichoke.

Exercise - one hour beach walk

S - shrimp ceviche

Second Planned Snack - leftover Mexican food fresh salsa w melted ff cheese

( last nite by the way I had a piece of meatball sub I bought (and froze ) on the drive down w some fresh Margherita tomato n Parmesan sauce and about a cup of fresh coleslaw mix w fat free blue cheese dressing and some liquor in my tea as a reward for starting the legal work )

L - gonna try to persuade Dad to retrieve either Chinese food or Southern as I have neither the time or inclination to cook

D - leftovers from lunch

Midnite - champagne

A few friends have plans for going out . I dont know if I want to risk it considering Im finally coming off quarantine and ready to safely see the babies .

Maybe watching fireworks at a safe distance but boring night overall Im sure .

Im SO sick of Covid and stoopid people who wont get vaccinated or obey safe distancing and mask restrictions who keep perpetuating this plague!

I actually know a few of these otherwise intelligent individuals and cant believe the quote unquote logic and paranoia. Now that I know theyre Nuts and Unsafe I just give them a WIDE berth lol.

The photos are of my challenging orchids I raised mostly from tiny cuttings .

Not your average phalaeonopsis ( have a TON of those too ) but cattelyas and wild ( spider ) orchids so far - the Great Blue Vandas ( totally aerial) and vanilla scented dancing ladies are budding too :)