Sunday and Monday Menus n Exercise

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on 1/3/22 9:28 am, edited 1/3/22 9:32 am
RNY on 09/01/12

Didnt post yesterday cuz I got tiredand busy . Workout was 1 1/2 hours roller skating- really tired me out .

Need to complain/ begin a lawsuit regarding the illegal hazardous conditions on the bike / skating paths here ( like a foot and a half width where traffic is intense and exercisers must pass each other , manhole covers located in the bike path - horrible bone jarring cheap surface - signs telling folks to go the wrong way ?. In front of the state park ( that takes up half the island ) absolutely unskateable full of treacherous deep cracks and tilted !!! I kid you not some moron thought of water runoff clearly! it never ends .

And literally thousands of exercisers USE these bike paths every day risking falling and fractures and getting run down from behind by a ninety year old or drunk driver Oy !

yesterday b- skinny chai tea latte and some 75% fat free cheddar cheese ,

l - one plate from Chinese buffet ( which gave me the runs all nite Stir fried steak , insides of egg rolls , a stuffed scallop , and fried chicken breast in red sauce and a bit of ice milk in a cone .

d- 1/4 of a chicken / ham / smoked cheese melted sub .
s- red wine n cherry juice n calorie free soda spritzer - chamomile tea w skim milk n liquor

Completed exercise this morning- 40 minutes lap swimming ( intensely because pool was COLD ) lots of laps of butterfly and crawl to keep warm . Hot spa massage afterwards .

B - leftover Tom Ka Gai soup w peas n shrimps dipped in Satay sauce

L - tbd - refuse to cook for rents until we go to Costco ( my Dad thinks we need NOTHING Makes me buy everything and rarely pays me anything back grrr )

D- something lite hopefully a salad or cottage cheese