Well Wendesday or is it Tuesday ? Lovely 2 B Retired :)

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on 1/4/22 7:03 am, edited 1/5/22 3:48 am
RNY on 09/01/12

Its tuff getting up from my corner and going into th ring 2 get a ( probable ) beating. but thats a fighter w heart lol.

I gotta acknowledge whats good - my 135 lb / 5 foot nine weight , mostly my body ( I hate the bad posture and forward head caused by carrying excess weight )

d last nite - cheese ( 75 % fat free ) n beef enchilada leftovers w ff sour cream and a small handful of jellybeans.

b- arguing w Dad over Parents trust

l- kill m now please we have no eggs milk or mushrooms. F and I are on a stand-off- who buys first . I can last MONTHS lol ( provided I dont eat grrr ) I feel absolutely unappreciated and financially and otherwise abused .

at dinner time I get two TVs and a fireplace mounted . Better than the rents ! Mebbe Im not doing so bad