What's on your (PHOTO) Friday Menu?

on 1/7/22 7:54 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

I hope you all have mild symptoms and recover quickly. As for the Lanyard I use one when I run. I can synch it so my glasses do not slide down my nose. The best place to find them is in the fishing department at Walmart. They have a variety to fit all needs.

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on 1/7/22 9:45 am
VSG on 11/19/14

So far like a bad cold

Pre- Surgery/ Type 2 Diabetes, High BP and Cholesterol, treated with 6 medications, including Insulin. Post Op- Off all Medications and remain medication free.

HW - 299 , Consult day weight - 277, Day of surgery ( 11/19/2014) - 259,LW - 178, GW - 205 , CW - 216.8 - 11.8 lbs to goal

Queen JB
on 1/7/22 1:31 pm
RNY on 07/20/15

Hang in there and enjoy the forced vaca!

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  • High Weight before RNY: 160 (2015)
  • Lowest post-op weight: 110 (2016)
  • Maintenance Weight: 120 (2017-2019)
  • Battling Regain Weight: 135 (current)

on 1/7/22 2:06 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

Oh no! I hope you are all good after the isolation period. Take good care of yourself.

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on 1/7/22 7:24 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

Good Morning Queen JB and Menuers.

You would think there was a snow day here at work considering 4 offices are vacant. I think all the Top dogs may have Covid. Just heard some things through the grapevine but I am guessing it to be true.

Yeah it is Friday and it has been a long week of fasting and no exercise. I am going to go to my Crazy 8 HIT class in the morning and hoping that will get me back into the swing of things. I have a surprise birthday to go to tomorrow and I offered to make something. They said to bring cookies but as I thought about it, and being the over achiever that I am I am going cream puffs. I am sure after all those Christmas cookies people are done with them and a cream puff will be a nice light treat. So after working out I will do my Mom routine in the morning and settle down to make about 100 cream puffs. I am going strawberry and Pineapple. I am afraid some can not have the seeds in the strawberry and I do not want to leave anyone out.

QOTD: I usually do not but I do tend to leave my phone or can't find it. My car has an orange exclamation mark when it can not detect a phone so more then once I have had to turn around to get it.

Accountability: Baby bell cheese, Almonds, Pork rinds

TSS: 4 years 27 days: 140.2 LBS, (Lowest 129.4)

B: Coffee with Premier Café Latte Protein

MS: Premier Café Latte Protein

CB: maple nut Coffee and stevia

L. Premier Chocolate peanut butter protein

D: Meatloaf and Arkansas green beans

Exercise: None today

Water and vitamins: On track. I take a Bariatric Advantage Ultra multi w/iron I use bariatric advantage Calcium chews and 500mg of Magnesium. sublingual B12 3x a week

Everybody Have a great weekend.

Brightest Blessings


Me working out on New years eve.

This is the group I work out with

This was our family New Years Eve Party

HW 299 SW 290 CW 139 GW 140 2/08/2019 OPERATION: Surgical Hernia with excision of total surface area of 55 x 29 cm of abdominal skin.

on 1/7/22 2:07 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

Great pics!

RNY 8/11/14 with Dr. Kelvin Higa PS Lipectomy 4/12/17 with Dr. John Burnett HW291.4/CW165/GW150

Julia S.
on 1/7/22 7:51 am - Lake Oswego, OR
RNY on 02/12/18

QOTD- I lose my glasses all of the time. I'm near sighted and can see everything close just fine so I put them down and then can't see to find them...some times I have to put on an old pair to look for them. I also lose my phone and have to call it to find it, I don't wear a watch or want one so that's not an option. I also lose things in my office, I end up with piles of paper and finding things can be difficult. I try to keep it tamed, but some how it always gets out of control. It's time to attempt it again.

My serger came in yesterday, I haven't taken it out of the box yet. It was too warm last night to do it. Plus I want to savor the anticipation. I might have to go buy some more fabric so I have more projects to work on. I gave all my fabric to my Mom when I left, now I wish I had kept some.

Have a great day everyone!

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on 1/7/22 10:56 am
RNY on 08/29/18

Julia, I love the putting on the old pair to find the new pair. I could totally picture myself doing that.

Jim Age 55 Height 6 Feet Consult Weight 344 SW 289 Pre-Surgery -55, M1 -25, M2 -16, M3 -21, M4 -10, M5 -5, M6 -1, M7 -4, M8 0, M9 +4, M10 -4

on 1/7/22 7:56 am, edited 1/6/22 11:59 pm
RNY on 11/22/16

Good morning everyone. I am grateful today that my husband went into his office. Being snowed in, PMS, and husband working at home all week has messed up my routine. Not to mention that my work was closed due to weather. I am going a bit house crazy.

I did have the driveway plowed on Wednesday, but still cannot get my car up it since is a bit of a hill and there was ice under all that snow. I had to park it at the bottom of the driveway yesterday and I prayed that no one would steal my car or the catalaytic converter in the night. Happy to report it was all in one piece this morning.

QOTD- My patience LOL

Food plan for the day. I think I am going to try Chrissy's pre WLS diet plan. I need a simple rountine. I have been craving carbs like crazy. I'm not sure if it's the weather, hormones or the inner fat girl in me rearing her ugly head.

Premier protein shake/ Cafe Latte'

Premier protein shake/ Cafe Latte'

4 oz grilled steak, 1 c. steamed broccoli

Exercise- I'm going to shovel out the mail box.

Lots of water. I have been slacking lately and I can feel it.

Have a great day everyone and be safe.

Amy Liz
on 1/7/22 8:36 am, edited 1/7/22 12:37 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Good morning and Happy Friday ~ Enjoy your snow day!! very sweet of your kitties to think of you this morning.

Today is my half day at work, no self care appts or lunch with my kiddo today - He is home sick, possibly covid, he has wicked chills, fever and fatigue. He works at a Resort in hospitality lots of staff and guests. He's had a HARD time getting tested. He was 5 minutes late for the first one and they cancelled on him - his fault, the next appt he had a nurse called in sick and they had to cancel. He has a home test now but not sure his work will accept that. He's doing okay though.

QOTD - Ha, no. I never lose anything, now. In my 20's I was a hot mess in this area. It drives me crazy that Rob is always looking for something... My son too!

Accountability - Stayed on plan yesterday, but my weight is up a little today.

B- coffee, TJ eggwich

l-in and out protein style cheeseburger

d- sashimi

s - jerky


vi****er - check

exercise - rest day

219.3 - ugh

SW 309 CW 216.4 GW 175 LW 150