Wednesday 2 Weekend Menus n Activities

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on 1/14/22 11:03 am
RNY on 09/01/12

Let's call m TOTALLY frustrated

Super large tv installation service didn't work out installtion guy seriously showed up in the wrong STATE!! ....

Legal issues I need to control and don't know enuf and I need to make order in apartment situations I'm simply not good at .

I've basically been eating nothing and feeling totally unloved and unappreciated by the family .

I didn't even go to swim today .

Dinner party tonite I was basically not invited to .. gross food worse company ( hostile father ) grrr .

last few days food - mashed microwaved baked potatoes w fat free freeze dried butter solids onions and fat free sour cream

beans ( cheap n low fat) heated w fat free cheese slice

Beef stew (Whole Foods n fatty )

watermelon blackberries n blueberries

making mushroom squash soup ... for like twelve peeple. I'm DONE cooking