What's on your Tuesday Menu?

Queen JB
on 1/18/22 1:24 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Good morning, all! Gotta be quick again today. I didn't do enough to get ready yesterday as I should have, and I have a very busy morning ahead so I want to get in early. My 3 day weekend was nice, though. Nothing exciting, of course, but I got a lot done and relaxed a lot too.

QOTD: What do you like about winter? I struggle to find anything I like about winter, except for how it looks outside when there has been a fresh dusting of snow on the trees. Well, I guess I also like snow days ;)

Food this weekend was mostly okay, but when we visited my parents, I had a few pieces of pizza (crust and all). Oops. But I did a lot of cooking a meal prep for the week ahead so I hope this will be a successful week ahead.

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Melody P.
on 1/18/22 2:13 am - TX

Good mornin JB and everyone. Hope that the week is going ok for everyone.

I woke up in a lot of pain. I tried going for a walk yesterday, just made it to the end of the block and back. Our street doesn't have sidewalks and the street is not very even. I think I'll try a light walk today but see if my mom will drive us down there. I think I just need a more even surface. It does hurt to do it but I think I'm going to hurt regardless honestly. If I'm going to be totally honest here the surgery has been a let down. I'm trying to hold my head high but it's getting harder. The pain med just doesn't help for long so I've started taking it further apart. The muscle relaxer help a bit more but I can only take a small dose every 8 hours. I'll keep plugging a long but it's hard! I'm really really tired of it...all of it.

not sure what today'll hold. Hoping for a stay home day. I think my mom is going to call the narcotics department of our city police today. The bad neighbor is really bad again. His gf threatened my mom again the other day just because my mom was outside. My mom kind of loses her mind with his stuff. It can't happen fast enough...him going to prison. That'll be a while since he was just charged in early December. It's a 3rd degree felony so he's lookin at time. He is still manufacturing and selling drugs. He is just a piece of human excrement. This situation is seriously stressing me out...panic attacks abound.

QOTD: not a lot. Ours this year is dry and WINDY. When it does snow I do enjoy the quite of it. Everything seems more peaceful.

B: JUST egg and veggie cup...cheese and pico de Gallo...lots of coffee

S: atkins coffee protein shake

L: not 100% sure yet...maybe something simple like some roast beef wrapped around a cheese stick and some quest chips

D: not sure of the protein yet but some southwestern style steamed vegetables

S: apple and maybe some GF pretzels

on 1/18/22 3:56 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I know you had indicated not expecting a lot of relief from the surgery but I'm sorry you didn't get more. Good for you for trying to do what you can anyway. Is your mom going to take you to the park you were walking st before? Start small and don't overdo it right away, that will help build your endurance and strength.

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Melody P.
on 1/18/22 5:14 am - TX

Yes, I did indeed mean the park! My brain is fuzzy today. I am taking it one step at a time...literally. Thanks!

As much as I told myself to not get my hopes up I'm still a little disappointed. Part of me was like you're not going to go through this for nothing though. At my follow up my doctor even said this wasn't about pain relief. It was about making sure I didn't lose functions. So I know deep down it was a good thing to get it done but I also have that little bug in my ear saying it should've helped more. An overactive mind is not always a good thing! LOL

Melody P.
on 1/18/22 1:07 pm - TX

Just found out my uncle George was admitted to the VA hospital here. They think it's Covid even though he had a negative test the other day. That's bad enough but they found a mass next to a kidney and spots on his liver. This is just devastating news for our family.

on 1/18/22 2:41 pm
RNY on 03/24/21

I am sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope he does well.

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Melody P.
on 1/19/22 12:53 am - TX

Thank you!

on 1/18/22 2:48 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I am sorry to hear that melody. Hopefully they will take good care of him.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


Melody P.
on 1/19/22 12:56 am - TX

Thank you!

I am not a fan of the VA hospital here. He had some melanoma that they said hadn't spread but they never scanned him. It makes me so angry to think about it. My uncle Olen died because they refused to properly take care of him since he was an alcoholic and past drug addict. it just makes me so sad that they don't treat our Veterans with the proper care and respect they deserve.

on 1/18/22 3:26 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning and happy taco Tuesday! Is anyone having tacos today?

I enjoyed the extra day off, did some nice things for my community and also for me! Has anyone seen The Tragedy of Macbeth on Apple TV? It's with Denzel and Frances McDormand, directed by Joel Cohen. I thought it was very good.

QOTD - I love winter....I love the cooler temperature; I love getting up to a cold room, I love the starkness of trees and bushes losing their leaves; I love the occasionally pop of color when something blooms in the season. I like shoveling snow unless it's more inches than I am; I love warm sweaters, flannel sheets and knee high boots. I love crisp walks in the cold morning air. I love how when there's lots of snow, the night is brighter than usual with reflected snow-moon-light. I am winter, fall, spring, summer in order of seasons I love.

Back to the grind this morning with a 530 call, then pilates, then home for a few meetings, then fasting blood tests and then meetings through the rest of the day until 5. I don't mind a long day that's broken up like that though. I'd also like to do a series on the rower after work; I'm on 8 of 12 for the series and I'm ready to get out of French Polynesia, so if I focus I can be done this week.

Menu today

Black tea until blood tests

half of chicken Chile rellano

chicken meatballs in sauce, might have a piece of garlic bread too

L&F if I don't have the garlic bread

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

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