Just popping in to say hi!

on 4/30/22 10:47 pm

I had my surgery back on July 1,2010. I was very successful! I dropped down a low of 111 and then maintained for about 6 years. Then, I failed my surgery and myself. I started gaining the week I had a hysterectomy. I honestly think the big change was that I had started drinking when I ate. My calories were still low, I still worked out (seriously... the DAY after surgery I was back at it!), but it was sudden and seemed unstoppable. That was 2016 or so. Once I had gained back about 40 lbs, I decided that if I was going to gain weight, I was going to enjoy myself, darn it! I started eating whatever I wanted.

Any guess how that went?

So, my highest weight ever was about 360ish. Surgery weight was about 227. LW: 111. CW: 205.4

So, I got up to 220 and was just fed up with myself. I decided that I still have the tool, I should see if it was still working. The good news? It is! Last week I was 219. Today was the first day I haven't had a drop in the number on the scale, but I don't even care!! 205.4 after about a week? I'll take it! My goal is to reach Onederland again by the end of May. I'm not trying to lose rapidly, but I am back to the basics as far as diet and rules go. NO sugar (never a big sugar person, anyway!), no breads (maybe my second largest downfall), no processed foods, no more drinking while I eat (SO HARD!!), trying to do protein and produce. It's working, Y'all!!! I haven't been doing the pouch reset or anything. I have been doing a MIND reset. So far, so good. I realized that this site was such a HUGE part of my original weight loss journey, that it might be good to come back. Here I am and if y'all don't mind, I'd like to join you on the Loser's Bench.

on 5/3/22 5:23 am - Houston, TX

I wish you success! I also gained back a bunch and re-started my new journey last June. I am almost at a 100# loss. You can do this.. YOU GOT THIS!

2005 HW: 300# // SW: 268# // GW: 140# (maintained for years)

2021 15yrs Post-op: 236# // Current: 133# // Goal: 130#

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