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on 5/3/22 5:41 pm - IN

I have a question for years out, Any It's been 8 years out for me. I had my Surgery at St Vincents Hospital Hospital in Carmel Indiana which is 3 hours there a 3 hours back for me to spend 15 to talk to Dietitian and I don't see DR just a Practitioner to talk to me for 15 minutes to ask how I'm doing then give me my lab work and head home. I have been doing yearly. I can't always make it so the the office said that they cant' send labs to get them done and if my Dr chooses to do some labs and don't know how to read them they are not responsible. I wish I had a place closer to go to who would take me here as a patient. I'm in South Bend Indiana I don't know if there is a forum on here in the area I don't know where to look.

on 5/3/22 5:48 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I moved out of state away from my surgical program; I just took the list of labs to my new GP and told her that I needed to run them every 6 months. I'm not a medical professional but I think the bariatric aspect was telling us what to do to maintain our various levels; checking to see if we're in the "normal" ranges isn't specialized per se. Maybe you could work with your GP for the testing and then only follow up with your program if they see something negative?

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on 5/4/22 12:01 pm - IN

I have a PCP Dr now I usually get a different Dr every 3 years which makes it hard because they don't know anything about Bariatric Patients. You would think by now with weight loss surgery more doctors would try to learn about it but some don't. I'm gonna have St Vincents send me the labs to give my PCP to have done. i don't even know where to start to look for another Doctor that knows anything about Bariatric Patients. I will ask my Doctor if he could contact them at St Vincents to ask where my numbers should be on labs because I know when some labs are high like b12 with Bariatric high is fine but my pcp reads them and says thats way to high. i don't know if they will tell my Doctor or not because I did not go to Carmel for yearly visit.

on 5/3/22 6:11 pm
RNY on 08/29/18

Chicago would cut your trip in half.

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on 5/3/22 11:30 pm - Paoli

I'm in the same boat. I live in Paoli,IN. For my first surgery I went to IU North in Carmel. I just couldn't stand the idea of going that far again for possibly over a year. I found a Dr in New Albany that does revisions. I have my seminar on the 25th. I hope he can do something for me. If not I guess I will have to make the trek back to Carmel every month.


on 5/4/22 12:12 pm - IN

did you recently have weight loss surgery? you need a revision. I would really like to change bariatric Doctor closer but I don't know if it's possible someone closer it's been 8 years. at the time I had my surgery no one was doing weight loss surgery closer but now there are hospitals doing surgery. I don't know if A Doctor will take a person from somewhere else as a patient.

on 5/4/22 1:17 pm - Paoli

My surgery was 8 years ago in August. 9 this year. I went almost 3 hours away from where I live. I'm trying to see about a revision now. A new dr should. I'm not going back to where my original surgery was.


on 5/5/22 5:07 am

you generally can go to any doctor that your insurance allows as long as they are accepting patients.

you might want to get on your insurance website and do a search for docs.

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