14 Years Post Op????

on 5/16/22 1:21 am - Charlotte, NC

Hello all I am currently 14 years post . January 24, 2008!!!! I have not had any plastics and my body is still trained! *Dumping will HUMBLE you!" I want to encourage everyone that's still on the journey or just beginning in the journey to keep going... I know things have been difficult lately with the economy and with grocery prices and maybe resorting back to older eating habits may be cheaper but you have to remember that you made this choice and this choice is not a spur of the moment or temporary change but a lifestyle change it's possible if you believe take care lots of hugs and love ð?¤--?ð?¤--

if you want to know the truth I'm in LOVE with MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on 5/22/22 10:14 am
RNY on 02/08/21

Congrats!! That is an amazing accomplishment and some good advice. I love when long term WLS's post whether they are successful or are sharing their struggles b/c there is always something to learn or relearn from you all. Do you know for sure that you dump b/c you tried it out or just assume that you do? I dumped a couple of times early on (even though I hadn't eaten sugar but I had all the symptoms of early dumping) and I made the decision that I will assume I dump no matter how far out it is. That is an experience I absolutely never want to experience again. Also, I decided a couple of months ago to stock up my freezer which is looking more and more like a really, really good decision. Bought bulk and divided everything into appropriate sizes, labeled and put in my chest freezer. Now I'm working on my vegetable garden. I'm 15 months out. Wishes of continued success to you!!

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