What's on your Monday menu?

on 5/30/22 5:44 am, edited 5/30/22 5:49 am

I will kick us off today. I opted to work today and use vacation for another day.

Its quiet so far, ran into 1 issue but someone fixed it for me. Hopefully I can get a lot done.

We binge watched a ton of tv and went to see top gun yesterday. it was sentimental, predictable, but I still really liked it. we also started new season of stranger things. I also watched the quick first season of love on the spectrum.

food today:

b: coffee so far, thinking low carb french toast

l: unsure

d: i took out chicken thighs and rice for DH. I may have the rest of the squash if it is still good.

QOTD: do you workout at home or at a gym? I just bought a tempo move but have been having issue with consistency at home. easier to make myself get dressed and go the the gym? i don't know...

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on 5/30/22 6:06 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

nothing on the agenda for today, although I may go biking this morning before it gets TOO.DAMN.HOT !! Yes- it'll be a scorcher - and they're calling for severe thunderstorms tomorrow, so it's likely to be humid, too. UGH!!!

I found a three-week summer class the other day that I requested to audit in addition to the other two I've enrolled in (those two start at the end of June - this one starts this week and wraps up by the end of June, so this will be do-able). This one is on African American music since 1920, so it should be great - I'm guessing we'll study jazz, blues, R&B, and 1970s soul music, among others - some of my favorite genres! I also signed up for a film class (half of which "meets" (online) while I'll be in Scotland, so not sure how this is going to work) and a linguistics class. The linguistics class goes for the regular eight-week summer session, so it should be easy to catch up if I don't get a lot of it done while I'm abroad.

QOTD: it depends on what it is. Obviously, all pool-based classes are at the gym. Dance cardio - depends. I do it both places. Weights - started doing more of those at home with resistance bands, but I've really slacked off the last month or so, so I may start going back to the gym.

B: not hungry, but I started taking antibiotics last night (cat bite) which I have to take with food, so I'll probably just have a thing of L&F or Chobani yogurt. Coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake - or if I'm hungry by then, maybe protein pancakes topped with plain yogurt and strawberry/rhubarb compote

L: chickpea/tuna spread on 35-calorie bread

AS: protein muffin

D: Indian bean curry

have a great day, everyone!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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on 5/30/22 7:53 am
RNY on 02/08/21

Today will be rather low-key around here. We are heading out to "the trail" to see if it is dry enough to walk on with Zeus (140 lb Pyrenees) aka Boss Dog among other things. We're cooking out for supper. Last night was a neighborhood gathering and someone smoked a pork something. It was very good.

QOTD: I prefer at home and walk/hike quite a bit. My bariatric program offers online chair yoga now online, 20 minute sessions, and I'm trying that out. My feet prefer chair when it comes to Yoga (surgeries on both feet in the past). I'm also trying to find online videos to use for stretching or light calisthenics. Last weeks' bari support focused on building exercise in which has been an issue for me. I'd rather walk or garden than do regimented exercise. The group leader said that exercise was imperative for maintaining weight loss and it finally sunk in. If I'm going to keep this weight off, I need to put together a liveable program.

Meal Plan:

B: I had some leftover omelet and 1/4 cup summer fruit salad (a lot left over from the picnic so I'll be eating this for a while.

L: Not sure. May stop at a place offering a free meal to veterans. If we do, I'll have a naked burger and a side salad. Otherwise, if I'm eating at home, it'll be tuna and pickles.

D: Burger, onion, pickle and summer salad.

Thanks to all your family members who have or are serving in the military!


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Julia S.
on 5/30/22 9:08 am - Lake Oswego, OR
RNY on 02/12/18

Rough night last night, horrible gas and diarrhea, so I ended up with about 2 hours of sleep. I'm trying to get my work done, today is my Mother's 87th birthday, I'm going to get something for dinner and go over to her house this afternoon. Not sure what kind of food she wants but I'll figure it out, or use Door Dash.

I need to stop and get her a card, and hopefully I will feel better by then.

My condo closed on Friday but I still don't have the final statement so I'm unable to file to get my money back from the State of Hawaii. Of course they aren't there today so I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm hoping it won't take that long and I can seriously start looking for a house. I'll express mail it, and that way I have a receipt, since regular snail mail can take anywhere from 3 days to about 8 to get there. And it has to be mailed, you can't fax it or email it paper only. I will lose $21K on the sale of my condo, but at least it's sold and I can move on.

QOTD- I haven't been to the gym in years, I need to get myself back over there. I would rather walk outside than on a treadmill, but since I'm in rainy Oregon and haven't felt good it hasn't happened. I need to get back into a routine, and maybe find a personal trainer if I can afford it.

Have a great day everyone!

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on 5/30/22 10:01 am, edited 5/30/22 3:18 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Qotd - I loved my Pilates studio ****il they started driving away all the good trainers) but I also love working out at home because then I can do it on my schedule. I looked up Tonal and that sounds very cool; my boxing and strength ball programs are similar where they are smart device for tracking and a mix on live and on demand classes; I use the iFit program with my rower and elliptical and I?m lucky that one of the Pilates instructors that was driven away does personal sessions out of her home. So I guess Im a mix leaning towards at home.

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